Triple Threat Challenge

David vs. Goliath. Broadway Joe and the New York Jets vs. the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. The USA’s gold medal in the “Miracle on Ice.” Everyone loves an underdog picking up the gauntlet of an impossible challenge, defying the odds, and emerging victorious. In the same vein of daunting tasks comes Phoenix’s own Aioli Gourmet Burger’s Triple Threat Challenge; but there is just one problem, dear reader. The underdog is you. And you don’t stand a chance!

The People’s Choice vs. The People

The lifelong dream of three lifelong friends, Aioli Burger began as a food truck in the greater Phoenix area with the simple mission of grilling up the best gourmet burgers (at non-gourmet prices), with the best ingredients. Our dream has grown into a new brick and mortar location in our old neighborhood, plus a veritable fleet of food trucks. Along the way Aioli Burger has garnered local, regional, and state-wide acclaim as one of the best burger joints in town: Best Food (2018 Scottsdale Culinary Festival), Best Burger in Phoenix (Phoenix New Times, 2017), and Best Burger, People’s Choice (twice, at the 2015 and 2018 Burger Battles). So how do we thank our fans? By slapping them in the face with the Triple Threat Challenge.

The Challenge

If you love burgers, this is the challenge for you. If you love victory, you should probably move along. Contestants in the Triple Threat Challenge have 15 minutes to eat a triple-patty burger topped with an extra 18oz of meat and toppings. Sounds easy, right? Well you weren’t paying enough attention! Challenges two and three of the Triple Threat are an order of Aioli’s signature golden French fries (or sweet potato, if you please) and a decadent milk shake. Devour all three in the time allotted and you win fame and a lifetime sense of accomplishment, plus an “I Conquered the Triple Threat Challenge” T-shirt and your photo on the Wall of Fame. Social media will carry your likeness. Children will sing your praises. Your popularity will soar (but not your waistline, because everyone knows competition calories do not count). Fall short in this Herculean effort and we will not judge; you are a mere mortal, after all. To make sure there are no hard feelings, we will even throw in a “The Triple Threat Challenge Conquered Me” T-shirt and still take your photo – for the Wall of Shame.

The Playoffs

The Challenge runs all year long, and each victor will be invited back for a playoff showdown at the end of the year, with the winner granted immortality in the halls of culinary competition the world over.

If you are up to the Challenge, enter the arena at Aioli Gourmet Burgers in Phoenix (10652 N. 32nd St). Of course, you can always work your way into fitness shape – fittin’ dis whole burger in your mouth shape, that is – with one of our nine delicious gourmet burgers. With offerings ranging from the original Aioli Burger to our personal favorite, the Black & Blue, you’re sure to find a new favorite each time you visit. We will see you soon – if you dare.

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Aioli Burger at the 7th Annual Burger Battle

Sixteen entered. But only one would leave victorious. On this day, the Burger Battle would leave no holds barred, and no participant hungry.

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Scottsdale Culinary Festival, March 23 was D-Day and Zero Hour for the battle royale amongst the very best burgers that the city had to offer. Hundreds of burger enthusiasts flocked to the Scottsdale Waterfront for the 7th Annual Burger Battle. With unlimited fries and milkshakes, there would be plenty of distractions, but everyone knew why they had come: to sample the offerings of 16 local burger joints and vote on the best of the best. With innovative entries like The District’s “Morning After” (candied jalapenos and a fried egg on a donut), Caveman’s “The Firestarter” (grass-fed beef, jalapenos, grilled sweet onions), and Handle Bar Diner’s unique entry featuring fried chicken skin, habanero honey, and a buttermilk biscuit, the crowd had its work cut out for it. In the end it was homegrown-favorite Aioli Burger which proved victorious. Relying on beautiful presentation and gourmet ingredients, the Aioli Burger featuring fried onion strings and patented aioli sauce was as beautiful as it was delicious, earning it the prestigious People’s Choice award.

The Best Burger: Secret to Success

From humble beginnings with a single food truck to the current fleet of three trucks, a catering company, and a new brick and mortar location, Aioli Burger has steadily been making a name for itself thanks to delicious gourmet burgers and word of mouth. Of course, word of mouth is difficult to achieve when everyone’s mouths are full of your decadent, juicy hamburgers, but winning two People’s Choice Awards for Best Burger (in 2015 and 2018) certainly help. Even more impressive is the fact that Chef Tom D’Ambrosio was invited to the 2015 event as the first ever food truck to contend, and he promptly won the competition.

The Concept

Started by three lifelong friends who wanted to make delicious, quality food for their hometown, Aioli Burger has routinely made the “Best Of” lists since they first started slinging fresh beef patties and serving up their delicious “fry flights.” Beginning with a single food truck in 2014, incredible demand and a rabid local following led to the guys quickly expanding the fleet to three trucks, added a catering business, and then a brick and mortar location in their old neighborhood in North Phoenix in October 2016.

Today, Aioli Burger is one of the most popular restaurants in the area – let alone burger joints – thanks to a dedication to gourmet food in a fast-casual atmosphere. While the staples like the Aioli Burger, the Italiano Burger, and the sumptuous White Truffle Swiss Burger are always on the menu, longtime fans will notice new additions such as charcuterie boards, a Falafel Burger, and much, much more. The Aioli Boys have also opened a new concept restaurant, the Modern Tortilla.

One thing is for sure, the people got this one right. Try an Aioli Burger for yourself at one of our trucks or the new store today; you can thank us later.

Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge

Aioli is participating in the 5th annual Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge. Chef Thomas D’Ambrosio really got creative with this delicious dessert. Come stop by the restaurant this January and February to try it for yourself! This will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out.

Learn More About the Challenge.

Aioli Preps for the Burger Battle (March 9th)!



Yes, it’s that time of the year where 12 of Arizona’s best chefs come together to battle for the prize of best burger concept. Two top awards will be presented this year. The first award will be the “People’s Choice Award.” All attendees will be given a token and at the end of the event the token is used to vote for their favorite burger. The Second is the “Judge’s Choice award.” This years judges are Chef Mel Mecinas, Chef Chris Neff (Food & Beverage Writer), Christina Barruta, and Suzanne Clark (World Pasta Champion). After, the two winners will travel to Alabama to compete in the World Burger Battle competition.

History of Aioli & The Burger Battle
A lot of people might not know, but the Burger Battle is one of the events that put Aioli on the map and spring boarded Chef Tom into local celebrity status. When invited for the first time in late 2015, a food truck had never participated in the prestigious burger event. Entering as an underdog in the event, Aioli surprised everyone with the “Italiano” burger and won “people’s choice award.” After winning the golden ticket (literally, it’s a golden ticket), they traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the World Burger Battle. A lot has changed since 2015, especially the attendance. After last years early sell out at the Hotel Valley Ho, the venue has been moved to Scottsdale Waterfront to accommodate more people, and burgers!

First year at the Burger Battle.
First year at the Burger Battle.

“Secret up my Sleeve” Last Saturday Chef Tom gave a presentation for a local news channel where he displayed one of his award winning California Burger concepts. The interviewers were excited when they found out that Chef Tom had a secret up his sleeve for this year’s event. Earlier today, I spoke with Chef in the kitchen where he was cooking up a storm in preparation for the contest (while listening to eye of the tiger). “I can’t give out the details, but I can tell you it is going to be a crowd pleaser.” So there you have it folks, Chef Tom is going to reinvent the burger game.

Channel 3 News interview with Chef Tom
Channel 3 News interview with Chef Tom

Community Excitement
“We still have a lot of work to do before March 9th, but we’ll be ready. Walking into the restaurant, its clear that there is excitement in the air. As the days wind down to the big event, people are asking about what the new burger will be and whether it will be on the menu. Unfortunately, we can’t say just yet (smiling). Honestly, these types of events are what we are all about. Not only are events like the Burger Battle a lot of fun, but also it gives us a chance to represent our community, and the people who helped build us.” Co-Owner & Director of Marketing- Kyle Hollenbeck


See you there!
With great music, food, and people, I highly recommend that if you’re free on March 9th… to come out and see for yourself what the hype is all about!

Where: Scottsdale Water Front (4420 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251)
Date: March 9th 2017
Time: VIP-6pm General-7pm
Purchase tickets here


Written by: Alec Caruso