Food Truck Advertising

Food Truck Advertising

Food Truck Promotion: The Perfect Advertising Platform

Our food trucks are best known for our delicious and creative cuisine, often pushing the limits with new creations that can only be found through our many brands that you may see cruising the streets of Arizona. Our food truck promotion platforms are perfect for brands.

Did you know that our food trucks can also be used for a promotional tool? Used as a form of experiential marketing, our food trucks can be wrapped with company logos and installed with props (along with food) to provide consumers with the ultimate mobile pop-up experience.


Food trucks are the perfect advertising platform and here is why:

Food Truck Promotion Creates Engagement

Using one of our food truck platforms is one of the best ways you can create and promote engagement between your brand and your customers.

In fact, just having a food truck alone will grab almost anyone’s attention. Pizza to the Polls collaborated with our company by using a branded food truck to serve pizza to those standing in line to vote. They even used the marketing hashtag #democracyisdelicious that allowed the pizza-eating participants to post photos straight to their social media.

Social media seems to be extremely addicting so why not make it useful to your brand when it comes to campaigns? Besides the obvious engagement that comes from using hashtags, a food truck that pulls up and starts distributing free food and swag is sure to be talked about on social media.

Food Trucks Are Mobile Advertising Vehicles

Food Trucks Are Mobile Advertising Vehicles

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on one stationary billboard that is only seen in one location, rent one of our food trucks for branding that can be used for a lot more exposure.

Zevia the Zero Calorie Beverage company used our redesigned burger truck – complete with a pop-up soda can – to drive across Phoenix to promote that they went public with the New York Stock Exchange. Zevia also wrapped food trucks in three different states on this same day to hand out their new creamy root beer flavor. The strategy of going mobile allowed Zevia to gain national attention by engaging with more people.

They Allow For Direct Interaction With Customers

They Allow For Direct Interaction With Customers

Interaction is key when it comes to promotions and campaigns, as it is a chance for companies to truly engage with their customers, especially when you have brand ambassadors.

Beyond Meat branded our food truck when heading to the Footprint Center, where the Phoenix Suns play, during the 2021 NBA finals to promote their CP3 Burger. NBA All-Star Chris Paul wants to lead by example so by teaming up with Beyond Meat they have a mission to feed a better future. Parking the big green Beyond Meat branded truck at the stadium where Chris Paul took the court gathered attention for the CP3 Burger and made a vegan impact on Phoenix.

It’s these personal experiences with celebrities, athletes and their brands that help create a form of direct interaction with customers and leave them with a lasting impression.

They Help Create Buzz About A New Product

They Help Create Buzz About A New Product

What is a better way to generate buzz about a new product, TV Show, or event than by hitting the streets using a mobile vehicle?

Stouffer’s which is a brand of frozen prepared foods, uses our trucks to hand out free food when they launch new meals.


People Love Food No Matter What The Occasion Is

At the end of the day, people love food. From custom menus and food creations to gift giveaways – utilizing a food truck for marketing campaigns can be an extremely efficient way to get the word out.

It’s the mobility, increased engagement, and candid direct interaction with consumers that are just a few reasons why food trucks are the perfect advertising platform. Stop thinking about it and start spreading your message by using one of our many trucks today!

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