The Cubano Burger

As borders open and life changes for our Cuban friends, we at Aioli Gourmet Burger love to celebrate something that has never changed: our penchant for creating burgers that appeal to all visitors, no matter what part of the world they hail from! From the All-American California Burger to the saucy goodness of the Italiano to our latest creation, the sweet and spicy Cubano Burger, our menu is designed to ensure that even the pickiest eaters in your family will find something that appeals to their personal palate. And because your health matters, we build our burgers with fresh, organic, and locally-sourced ingredients. Nothing is too good for our guests, and it shows in every bite of every burger on our menu!

Your Taste Buds Will Be Dancing

Life on the island of Cuba offers sunny days and salsa dances, and our soon to be world-famous Cubano Burger celebrates both with a cornucopia of beefy goodness and creamy sauce that will bring the sun out from behind the clouds and get your taste buds dancing a happy salsa in anticipation. As always, we start with your choice in buns, but unlike many of our other burgers, to get the most authentic taste, we suggest you stick with toasted brioche bun for the foundation of this international delight. The second step for your under construction burger is again all about choice; our Kobe Beef burger is the recommended selection, but we think our juicy chicken breasts will work equally well. Our vegetarian and vegan friends may want to continue perusing the menu a little further because even though we offer the Beyond Burger vegan patty, the Cubano Burger is all about the meat. A celebration of the intermingling of Kobe beef, braised pork, and even thinly sliced slivers of ham is guaranteed to make this burger a favorite from the very first taste. Construction of the perfect burger is complete with the addition of pickles, swiss cheese, our Dijon aioli, and finally a touch of arugula. We may be bragging, but we think the Cubano Burger is one of our best creations, and we’ve paid special attention to every ingredient. Our attention to detail ensures an authentic flavor that will make your meal a magical one!

Stop in and Try The Cubano Burger Yourself

When it comes to the perfect burger, the only judge that matters is you. Your next meal is about to be your most memorable one when you stop in and try the Cubano Burger for yourself!


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  • In honor of Kansas City being in the Super Bowl this year, we present to you the “My Mahoney Burger” 
Custom Burger Blend topped with Pulled Pork, Crispy Cabbage Slaw, Crisp Lettuce, Vine Ripe Tomato, BBQ Aioli on a Brioche Bun 
Don't worry, 49ers Fans, we've got a burger for you, too!
  • TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! Come join us on the patio for the sounds of Martin Danel! He will be performing from 5:30 - 7:00 pm!
  • Can't go wrong with a classic burger!
  • Engagement Season is upon us! Getting married in 2020? Let us cater your wedding for a unique and fun experience for your guests!

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  • Come join us next Wednesday on the patio for the sounds of Martin Danel! He will be performing from 5:30 - 7:00 pm!