Chef Bradley Miller of Food Truck Nation Fame Wants to Try Us

You know how we here at Aioli appreciate your feedback and strive to always give you, our dear customers, the best dining experience possible? It always warms our heart and boosts our collective moral around the kitchen when we get a mention on social media or a thumbs up review online about our food truck burgers. So, you can imagine how we felt when we found our name being praised by no other than Chef Bradley Miller himself.

There was a euphoric eruption when our name was mentioned by the chef we love and admire. Forks and ladles clanked in the kitchen and one chef, we won’t say who, jumped on a table and did an elaborate dance. Now we were all feeling just as ecstatic. Like an artist who feeds on the reaction they get from their fans, we also love to feel that all our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed—which brings us back to the man himself.

Food Truck Nation

Since the show debuted on the Cooking Channel last January, Food Truck Nation has been an instant hit. Food trucks are getting more and more popular all over the country and it seemed it was about time for a show dedicated to this new culinary phenomenon. So, when it was announced that Chef Bradley Miller, an idol around our kitchen, would host it, we all couldn’t wait to see the charismatic chef delight us with his insights and sense of humor. And of course, he didn’t disappoint us or the millions of fans who watch his show. Each episode visits three food trucks and gives a candid review of the food, the menu, and the dining experience as a whole.

High Praise

In an article published prior to the airing of the new cooking show, the famous chef gushed about the local cuisine scene here in Phoenix. He talked about his experience with food trucks growing up and how these fond memories instilled in him the love for food, cooking, and most importantly, the need for diversity when it comes to culinary experiences. Then, Bradley mentioned some of the dining places that he admires and would like to try. One of those was Aioli food truck burgers.

We are proud to be included in Chef Bradley’s list of places he would love to try. Of course, this means that we’ll have to work even harder to keep our customers, both new and loyal ones, happy and satisfied, but that’s a challenge we both welcome and relish!


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