Full Service Food Truck Catering Phoenix AZ

Full Service Food Truck Catering Phoenix AZ

While self-service meals and food truck catering are perfectly fine for many of the events in your life, there will always be those special occasions where full-service catering exemplifies the importance of the celebration. Your parent’s golden anniversary, your daughter’s wedding, or your grandmother’s 90th birthday all deserve a party where you pull out all the stops, and Aioli Burger’s full-service catering in Phoenix, AZ offers the perfect meal to make your night a magical one. With such special occasions, you want to make sure you have a meal just as incredible to match them. That is where Aioli Burger comes into play. If you have heard of us before, it is probably with our fun and incredible food truck setting up at many of the Phoenix Valley’s special events. Or it might be from a visit to our dine-in restaurant found in Phoenix. Regardless of how you have interacted with us in the past, you will be ecstatic to hear that our fresh and delicious food is available for your next big event!

We Don’t Mind Sharing the Limelight

Normally our good burgers in Phoenix are the star of the show, but when you choose our full-service food truck catering option, it’s obviously for a special occasion, and we don’t mind stepping aside and letting the guest of honor be the star of the show. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort you’ve made for this night, and the service we provide is just the start. Every one of your guests will be taken care of and ensured that their meal will be absolutely phenomenal. Now that is some high-class service!

The best part of our full-service catering in Phoenix, AZ is the style in which you can receive it. Some events are located in a smaller venue where it can be difficult for our food truck to set up. If that is the case, you can have your catering order prepared in advance and brought straight to you. You also will not have to worry about the food being cold or stale as each item will be hot and ready to eat upon delivery. This is a great option, as you do not have to worry about preparing food in advance for your guests. When you have more space, let our food truck set up at your event and take orders from each of your guests individually. Your guests will feel like they are back at a burger joint from the 50s where the food is hot, and the fun is all around them. This lets them enjoy all of the incredible entrees we provide while enjoying the party!

Get Some of the Best Burgers from the Burger Truck

If you haven’t thought of burgers for a special occasion meal before, the first taste of our original Aioli Burger, created from Kobe beef and topped with aged sharp cheddar, crisp lettuce, Applewood bacon onion jam, vine ripe tomatoes, and our addictive roasted garlic aioli sauce will convince you of the error of your ways. Let your guests choose the toppings, which include innovative aioli sauces that range from the simple (toasted garlic) to the exotic (white truffle aioli) and all the flavors and styles in between. Additional toppings we can throw on top for you include sunny side eggs, avocado, balsamic reduction, and roasted mushrooms. We all know a vegetarian or two who will cringe at the thought of having only real beef burgers being offered at your event. We offer the Falafel Burger, an incredibly tasty yet beef free burger made with homemade falafel then topped off with pickled onion and mango sauce. Trust us; if you’re looking for good burgers in Phoenix AZ, you’re in the right place.

Gourmet salads constructed with the freshest of local produce include our signature salad built of iceberg lettuce, English cucumber, pickled red onion, arugula, and Maytag bleu cheese, all topped with a bacon sherry vinaigrette that will change your life. Or try out the Caprese salad that features a classic favorite blend of fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic reduction. Yum! Because life is too short for boring drinks, our affordable burger catering truck in Phoenix also offers three flavors of homemade lemonade: original, strawberry basil, and mango. Our crafted juice cocktails will be the talk of the event. Burgers and soft drinks CAN be an elegant choice, and our many satisfied clients will be the first to tell you so! Trust us; if you’re looking for the best lunch and food truck catering in Phoenix, you’re in the right place!

Get the Best Food Truck Catering in Phoenix AZ

The special occasions in your life don’t come around that often, but when they do, you want to make sure your friend, family member, or coworker knows how much they mean to you, and it all starts with the full-service catering in Phoenix, AZ offered by Aioli Burger. We’ll work with you with menu planning every step of the way—and don’t be afraid to ask for something extra special! We can service any event you throw at us from birthdays, corporate events, weddings, and more. Our chefs live for the challenge; it keeps them young! For more information on booking full-service catering or event catering with Aioli Burger, check out our website or call us at (602) 526-5493.

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