Rehearsal Dinner Wedding Catering Services

Rehearsal Dinner Wedding Catering Services

Your big day is rapidly approaching, and while you have managed to iron out many of the millions of details that accompany a wedding, you’re still not quite sure about the rehearsal dinner spot. With so many things to consider, from food allergies of your guests to the picky eating habits of some of your relatives—and the fact that you have already spent what many small countries would consider their gross national annual income—it’s no wonder you are considering elopement as the solution to your rehearsal dinner dilemma. Before you make any rash decisions, however, have you considered wedding rehearsal catering by Aioli Burger?

If you have not heard of us, we’re excited to introduce ourselves, and if you have, even better! Aioli Burger continues to be one of the most popular burger food trucks in the greater Phoenix Valley. Not only can we offer up delicious and juicy burgers for our customers from the truck but we also offer a decadent array of catering services perfect for any event, including rehearsal dinners.

Carefree and Casual Burger Restaurants in Phoenix

Leave the fancy finger foods for the big day itself; your rehearsal dinner is supposed to be a time of laughter, happy stories, and delicious food, and it will when you choose one of the top wedding rehearsal catering restaurants in Phoenix! It’s impossible to feel nervous or uptight when biting into a big and juicy burger dripping with your favorite toppings, and even the vegetarians in your family will appreciate the hearty salads like our Caprese Salad or Signature Salad that we offer on our menu. Some of our favorite toppings include Applewood bacon onion jam, white truffle aioli, avocado, sunny side egg, and much, much more. There is even our Falafel Burger that is vegetarian and is topped off with pickled onion and a mango sauce; it’s definitely not your typical fast food style burger! Of course, there is always someone in the family who prefers to keep things simple with a classic cheeseburger; we can’t blame them either! The current Keto craze that is sweeping the country has us offering lettuce-wrapped burgers, and our fries are considered the highlight of many meals; sweet potato fries are a healthy and delicious option that will bring a smile to the face of even your picky aunt that no one is really sure actually is a part of the family! Of course, we also provide crispy, golden fries that can easily be dipped into your favorite sauce such as chipotle aioli or our house made ketchup.

As you can see, there is so much more to offer than just burgers and fries when you choose our rehearsal dinner catering service. Order everything you think your guests will fall in love with. Aioli Burger is definitely one of the best burger restaurants in Phoenix! We are drooling just thinking about our own food we make!

Catering from One of the Best Burger Restaurants in Phoenix

The rehearsal dinner is probably going to be one of the last meals you have as a single person, and sharing it with your parents, the two people who have stood by you your entire life, makes it an even more special event—especially if you have it catered in the home in which you grew up! We offer two choices for rehearsal dinner wedding catering services, drop off and food truck, and if you’re staying home, the drop off choice will probably be your best option. Keeping it casual allows you to wear your favorite jeans as you walk down the garden path to the swing set serving as a temporary altar, and your wedding officiator can go a little wild wearing his or her favorite Hawaiian shirt.

Of course, having our food truck set up directly at your event will cause all kinds of excitement from your guests. Let them experience a unique and different rehearsal dinner where they can order what they want and customize their entrée to their choosing. Our food truck can fit in most large spaces allowing us to pull right and get set up. Simply have your guests come up to the window to order their food. They may even feel like they are back in the 50s at their favorite burger joint having the time of their lives. Of course, catering is not just for the actual food being served. The craft juice cocktails we offer, in addition to bottled sodas and homemade lemonade, will help reduce any last-minute wedding jitters and keep the laughter coming late into the night. When you choose one of the best catering restaurants in Phoenix, you’re sure to have a great time!

Our Catering Services Make People Happy

Because we use high-quality Kobe beef and the freshest of local ingredients for the toppings, Aioli Burger – one of the best burger restaurants in Phoenix – adds an extra dash of happy to an already deliriously happy occasion! We offer a variety of catering services to help you celebrate any kind of event. These range of services include birthdays, wedding dinners, corporate lunches, and so much more; we dare you to try and find an event that we cannot serve! All you have to do is reach out and get started. Drop us an email or give us a call today to book our catering services and let’s get started planning your rehearsal dinner! You cannot go wrong when you choose the incredible catering services only offered at Aioli Burger!

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