Food Truck Birthday Party Catering

Food Truck Birthday Party Catering

Birthdays are a time for presents, fun, and laughter, not for slaving in a kitchen for hours on end preparing food for your hungry guests that will disappear in mere minutes. When you are the chef in your family, you really don’t want to be subjected to the food styling suggestions and directions of the other family members who just don’t have the talent, skill or time for cooking. If a special birthday celebration is looming in your future, why not give us a call and let us cater the meal instead! We offer so many catering options too. Keep it casual with a drop-off catered meal, where we deliver the food and beverages and serving utensils to your site, then you do the rest. Or amp up the wow factor with a food truck birthday party in the park, or impress your guests with sit-down, full-service party catering at your favorite event venue that will be remembered for years to come; this birthday is going to outshine all others, and Aioli Gourmet Burgers is going to help! We’re a favorite of those who search for “food near me” in Phoenix, and we hope to soon be yours! Read on to learn more about our food truck in Phoenix for parties.

The Best Catering Food Trucks for Parties Start with the Best Burger

The aioli sauce is a small part of what makes our great burgers so tantalizingly tasty. You begin with mayonnaise, mix in some garlic, and create innovative variations from there. A few of our most popular sauces include our white truffle aioli, black pepper aioli, and roasted garlic aioli. Slather that fresh tasty aioli all over a hot burger made from grass-fed Kobe beef, put it in a toasted brioche bun, and add fresh toppings. There’s no better burger! With a little imagination, fresh produce and locally gathered ingredients, and just a dash of magic, our Kobe beef burgers offer the perfect start to your dream birthday party.

Get the Best Food Truck Catering for Your Birthday Party

Whether you want the hamburger truck for parties, full catering services to come to you and your guests, or you order drop off catering, our food options for a birthday party are a delight for each and every guest.

Food trucks are experiencing a popular high right now, and not just for general food services out on the street either. They’re also all the rage for lively, fun parties and celebrations of all kinds.

Guests love to line up to order their favorite burger and sides from our food trucks. It’s fun! And the bright red and white geometric print on our food trucks will brighten up your street, the neighborhood park, or a nearby parking lot in no time. Not only are all of your catering worries over, you’ve got a great start on the decorations too. Add a few tables with festive, bright red umbrellas, and you’ll be good to go.

For those whose lips would not touch meat, our Falafel Burger is a protein-rich treat made out of our homemade falafel, pickled onion, mango sauce, cucumber, and sumac aioli. Keto diet followers can skip the toasted brioche bun and choose to have their burger wrapped in lettuce, and for your guests who don’t understand the “fancy burgers everyone feels the need to make these days,” our basic cheeseburger allows them to enjoy their burger the way they always have—with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

We also offer plenty of imaginative, tasty side and starters from our trucks too. Kids of all ages love our three-cheese mac & cheese bites, spicy fried pickles and our buttery, cheesy Mexican street corn. You may need to order an extra carton or two of napkins, but your guests are going to love the choices our food trucks have on hand. Be bold and choose a strawberry apple salad for your dining pleasure, or go traditional with a twist; our aioli fry flight offers a choice of fries topped with your choices of aioli sauce for dipping. The white truffle aioli will instantly become your new obsession, at least until you try our signature loaded fries, a customer favorite. Topped with Kilt Lifter cheese sauce, avocado, pickled red onions, chipotle aioli, and bacon, you might have to do a few extra laps on the treadmill the next day, but the blend of flavors will make you glad you chose food truck birthday party catering from Aioli Burger! Aioli Burger is definitely one of the best catering food trucks for parties!

Happy Birthday to You

The second best part of having your birthday party catering by Aioli Burger will be the reasonable cost. Give us a call today and we’ll sit down and discuss how our food truck birthday party services will make this birthday the best one ever! Hiring a food truck in Phoenix has never been easier than with one of the best hamburger joints in Phoenix—Aioli Burger!

We also offer burger bar catering for birthday parties, in case you don’t have room for our food truck at your venue. Our burger bar option makes serving super easy. We set all our gourmet fixings, buns and burgers, and your guests make their own delicious creations, choosing the sauces and toppings they want. Or you can book a few of our food carts. They’re just as much fun as our food trucks, come loaded with all of our tasty burgers and more, but are much smaller (and quieter) than our groovy food trucks. You can also do both. Set up a burger bar (or two), then arrange a few of our food carts around as a fun way to serve our delicious lemonades, shakes (like yummy peanut butter chocolate!) or root beer floats. And you’ll need a food cart or two for our cream-filled churros and mini-cannoli! If you’ve got a large crowd and a large, spacious venue, food trucks are the way to go, but for smaller crowds and venues, our food carts will be just right. The next time you’re search for the “best burgers near me” to host a birthday party, be sure to give us a call.

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