Menu Spotlight: The Aioli Burger

Menu Spotlight: The Aioli Burger

When you visit Aioli Burger, you will find a variety of incredible burgers that use fresh ingredients and are made to order every time. You won’t find a frozen patty when you visit our food truck or restaurant. Picking an item off the menu can be difficult with all the options we provide. The options even further multiply when you consider swapping out a beef patty for a chicken or vegetarian patty; your choices are endless! However, some patrons may be comfortable sticking with a classic time after time, and we respect that decision. At Aioli Burger, our house burger, cleverly named the Aioli Burger, is a customer favorite. Take a look at what makes this Phoenix burger stick out from the rest:

Classic Burger, Classic Toppings

We cannot state enough that our burgers are the freshest around the Phoenix Valley. The same goes for our house favorite, the Aioli Burger, one of the top burgers in Phoenix. This delicious burger is made to order just like the rest of our burger offerings. That juicy patty offers flavor unlike any other burger joints. The Aioli Burger uses traditional toppings for that classic American taste. Expect to find toppings such as an aged sharp cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, Applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onion, vine ripe tomato, and a roasted garlic aioli. You can customize the burger as you see fit, taking off any non-preferred toppings or adding on something else such as pickles. Similar to our other burgers, our Aioli Burgers in AZ come topped off with a toasted brioche bun that is buttery and savory, perfecting every bite into the burger. Additional bun options include our lettuce wrap and gluten-free buns.

Make It a Meal

Of course, you cannot just eat our Aioli Burger without adding a delicious side to the entrée. Turn your burger into a full meal by adding one of our delicious sides including sweet potato fries or homemade spicy fried pickle wedges. Each order can be customized as you see fit!

Great Flavors at Aioli Burger

The Aioli Burger is just one of many different burgers available at our food truck and restaurant locations. Add the top burger in Phoenix -the Aioli Burger to your order today and see how this classic started it all. Our locations can even help you cater an event or provide meals for our first responders in the community. Let Aioli Burger elevate your expectations for a juicy Phoenix burger.

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