Wedding Catering in Chandler, AZ

Wedding Catering in Chandler, AZ

You may have seen our popular food truck out and about in the Phoenix Valley, but did you know we also offer a variety of catering services? We are making it even easier for our wonderful guests to enjoy and experience our popular burgers. One of our most popular catering options is to cater weddings. We understand that planning for weddings is always a big ordeal. Our wedding catering in Chandler, AZ will simplify everything so you do not have to worry about what food will be served. Take a look at how your Chandler wedding can be catered by Aioli Burger:

Onsite Chandler Catering with the Food Truck

Food trucks have always been a popular option for tracking down a tasty burger. If you are in Chandler and have a spacious wedding venue you can have our food truck come out to you. We can easily set up in the reception area where your guests can order as they please. The food truck will keep the kids mesmerized while you pick out the next burger on the menu. Our food truck catering typically offers the full food truck menu. This includes all of our tasty burgers and the wonderful sides that can be added too. For a little extra fun at your wedding, have our food truck come help out with the food!

Drop Off Catering

Another popular catering option we offer to Chandler locals is preparing your catering order in advance and having it dropped off at the reception. This type of Chandler catering service lets you order in advance what you want at your reception. Our drop off catering even features plenty of options not on the food truck menu. Each item comes hot and ready to eat; there is no stale or cold food with our catering services!

What’s on the Menu

Now that you a little bit more about how our services work, you may be thinking, “What exactly can I get from Aioli Burger’s catering menu?” The short answer is an unbelievable selection of burgers, starters, and sides that will satisfy any craving that your guests may have! Our food truck menu includes a variety of incredibly tasty burgers that use fresh beef and toppings for a mouthwatering bite. Each burger starts with our custom burger blend patty and buttered brioche bun; each patty is handmade and features an unbelievable flavor you won’t find at other burger joints around town. What comes in between each bun all depends on the burger you set your eyes on. Pick out the California with avocado, pickled red onion, sunny side egg, and our chipotle aioli, or get our classic Aioli Burger with aged sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon, and roasted garlic aioli. Each of our sauces is made in-house and will bring out the flavors of each burger. Additional bun options are also available such as our gluten free bun or lettuce wrap. You can even substitute out your burger patty with chicken or our Beyond Patty that is a vegetarian’s dream. Now that is quite the selection of burgers!

Of course, no wedding meal is complete with just a burger alone. Make sure your guests are completely satisfied by throwing in our sides and salads. Our fresh salads such as the Caprese Salad uses fresh veggies and toppings. Our food truck fries up golden fries and sweet potato fries for the slightly salty treat every burger needs. Your drinks can also be taken care of with a variety of bottled and canned soda, bottled water, and our handcrafted jarred lemonade that comes in flavors such as strawberry and mango. This is just the availability of our food truck menu; when you choose drop off catering you will find that the menu features even more options. Let your guests have the wedding of a lifetime with our incredible food being catered. Planning a fall wedding? Let us help you plan the ideal menu with our autumn wedding food ideas!

Wedding Receptions and More

Our wedding catering in Chandler, AZ can offer more than just taking care of the reception. We can also help with other wedding related events such as rehearsal dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and bridal showers. Make your wedding the best it can be when you have our award-winning burgers on hand!

Catering All Over the Valley

Our variety of catering services do not stop at Chandler either; we currently offer our catering services all over the Phoenix Valley. We are even starting to offer these popular services to residents of Northern Arizona, including Flagstaff and Sedona. Now there is no reason to not have Aioli Burger be the caterer for your wedding or other big event! If you happen to be planning a birthday party in fall as well, we can help with a variety of fall birthday party food ideas and catering options!

Schedule Your Catering Service Today

It is extremely easy to get started on your Chandler catering service today. Simply give us a call at 602-526-5493 and we can help you have the best wedding possible. We’d also love to see you in person at one of our brick-and-mortar locations! Visit us for a holiday like Valentine’s Day, or any old day of the week as well, and we’ll provide you with a delicious meal you won’t forget!

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