Valentine’s Day Food at Aioli Burger

Valentine’s Day Food at Aioli Burger

This Valentine’s Day, nothing says romance like a tasty burger from Aioli Burger. Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day at a restaurant that is sure to make you happy while not breaking the bank. Don’t risk going to some fancy restaurant just to be disappointed by the food. Show your love and appreciation for one another by eating someplace you know will be good. Come to Aioli Burger, where our flavorful selection of burgers and sides never disappoint. For the foodie couple who loves to make new memories while enjoying a good meal, visit Aioli Burger for a fresh and unique Valentine’s Day food experience. Let the smell of chargrilled burgers and sizzling fries light your fire this Valentine’s Day!

Fall in Love with Aioli Burger

Create new Valentine’s Day traditions at Aioli Burger! The unique burger patties and sauces will keep you coming back for more. Choose from a selection of fresh to order burger patties that feature an assortment of toppings that are just the bee’s knees! Experience the flavor explosion only our aioli options provide and that are featured on any burger you choose.

Decadent, bold, umami flavors are showcased on every burger. Savor the flavor as it dances across your taste buds! Depending on the burger you choose, you get a different aioli! Any first timers reading this should definitely try the burger that won the Scottsdale Culinary Festival: The White Truffle Swiss burger. This burger will have you making heart eyes at your significant other the moment you bite into it. Roasted mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and caramelized onions top the burger, along with an indulgent white truffle aioli. You don’t have to visit the city of love for those fresh truffle flavors! Come to Aioli Burger for a delicious taste of truffle that you’ll never forget.

A Valentine’s Day meal is all about celebrating that one person in your life who makes your heart just melt. Watch as a variety of ooey-gooey cheeses melt on top of your burger! Aged sharp cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack and provolone are just some of your options. For you classic couples who like to keep it classic, go with the Aioli Burger. Aged sharp cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon and a roasted garlic aioli make this burger a winner. For an added bonus, if you both order an Aioli Burger this Valentine’s Day, you won’t have to worry about offending each other! With a roasted garlic aioli this good, you’ll want to add it to everything! Keep things interesting this Valentine’s Day by sampling the “Burger Of The Now,” which are unique to Aioli Burger restaurants and allow you to thrill your palate with a new burger creation every month.

No matter what your eating preference, Aioli Burger has something for you. Not in the mood for beef in your Valentine’s Day meal? Choose chicken breast, Beyond Burger meat or even the Falafel Burger. All of these options can still be topped with the same great toppings you crave. For our gluten-sensitive lovers out there, select a gluten-free bun or lettuce wrap to hug your burger.

Special Sides

Since you’ve already found the French fry to your onion ring, don’t leave your burger out there all alone! Choose a side to accompany it this Valentine’s Day! In the fry department, choose from golden French fries, sweet potato fries, or loaded fries! Dip to your heart’s content in a variety of sauces that will send your heart spinning! House-made ketchup is a classic choice, but why not keep it exciting and dip your fries in aioli? French fries make the perfect vehicle for delivering the fresh flavors of chipotle, roasted garlic, white truffle, basil garlic and black pepper aioli to your mouth.

Sharing is caring! Show you really love your special someone by sharing the loaded fries this Valentine’s Day. They’re so good, you might them want them all to yourself! Loaded fries are topped with cheese sauce, avocado, pickled red onions, chipotle aioli and Applewood smoked bacon. Beer battered onion rings with barbeque sauce or house-made ranch are a welcome option. And for any who are trying to keep it light this Valentine’s Day, roasted veggies or a salad are an available to choose from.

Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

This Valentine’s Day, you deserve to eat well. When you’ve devoured your Valentine’s Day food, you and your sweetheart will definitely need a sweet treat! Chocolate Lovers Shake on the day of love? Absolutely! This shake features double chocolate ice cream, heath bar crunch, brownie pieces and fresh whipped cream. Don’t miss out on other satisfyingly sweet ways to wash down your burger with a host of other premium milkshakes. Need more of a sweet crunch? Satisfy your sweet tooth with cream filled churros and mini cannoli!

Romance and Burgers at Aioli Burger

A memorable and romantic dining experience await you at Aioli Burger this Valentine’s Day. Don’t risk embarrassing yourself on your date this year. Go somewhere good and fill your hearts and bellies with love. Check out our menu today and plan to take your Valentine here this year!

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