Drop Off Catering

Drop Off Catering

For many people, the best part of eating a catered meal is having someone else cook the foods they love the most without having to leave the house, and Aioli Burger has rapidly become the most favored catering house in the valley! We offer the best hamburger in Phoenix Area, and we also offer two catering options: food truck and drop off catering. As fun as the food truck option can be, there are times when your catering needs won’t make it an optimal choice. In those cases, our drop off catering option features the same great food, just without the truck!

Easy Event Planning with Aioli Burger Delivery Catering

As we mentioned, a full-service catering option for your special event may not be the best way to feed your guests. Some events simply do not have the space to host our food truck. Other events may have a few too many spinning wheels, making it more complicated to have us on site serving your guests. Drop off catering lets us prepare the food in advance and deliver it right to your special event. You will not have cold or mushy food but instead hot and ready to eat entrees and sides. Each item is carefully prepared by our incredible staff who make sure everything will be just as delicious as the menu describes it.

From birthday parties to milestone anniversaries to going away celebrations to TGIF blowouts and lunch catering in Phoenix, the food is the most important piece of the party puzzle, and our burger delivery catering makes the festivities memorable. Choose from a variety of menu options and let us do the rest; we even have a vegetarian selection! Featuring the same quality and savory tastes of our restaurant menu, but allowing you to enjoy the food from the comfort of your home (yes, you can eat our gourmet burgers in your jammies, should you choose!), your guests taste buds will be tempted by our tantalizing treats!

Try the Best Hamburger in Phoenix Area

Choose from seven types of burgers and a seemingly unending choice of toppings and prepare for an explosion of flavors in your mouth. These burgers use only fresh ingredients to ensure the flavor is always present. Our house classic, the Aioli Burger, uses aged sharp cheddar cheese, Applewood bacon onion jam, vine ripe tomatoes, and roasted garlic aioli for a delicious blend you will be craving again after the event ends. Other specialties include the White Truffle Swiss Burger. As the name suggests, you can expect swiss cheese but also a white truffle aioli that is simple begging to be tasted. Additional burger options have a variety of toppings you will love as well including Maytag blue cheese, avocado, sunny side eggs, pickled red onions, Applewood smoked bacon, and pancetta just to name a few. And because we believe the more choices you have the happier you will be, guests will be able to choose between our regular fries and sweet potato fries. Of course, the choice of having both is a very fine option as well; we will never judge!

Our drop off catering menu also includes keto conscious offerings for those who are minding their waistlines, as well as a vegetarian falafel burger accessorized with sumac aioli and mango sauce. This Falafel Burger is a customer favorite with many raving reviews from our customers who appreciate options you cannot find anywhere else. This unique vegetarian burger is not the only choice, as we also offer two rich salads. The Caprese Salad is a classic Italian combination of fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and a balsamic reduction. The Signature Salad is our house favorite of bacon sherry vinaigrette, pickled red onion, arugula, Maytag blue cheese, along with additional fresh toppings. These salads use only fresh toppings with nothing frozen. Choosing Aioli Gourmet Burger and probably the best hamburger in Arizona, for your affordable catering in Phoenix service will ensure that there is a taste of something fantastic for all party participants! This is definitely the best hamburger in Phoenix AZ! And now we can confidently say we also have the best salads and fries in Phoenix too!

Aioli Burger is Always the Right Choice

Life can be crazy busy and there isn’t always time to do all the things you really need to do, but when you choose us for your drop off catering needs, we can help take the burden away from you! This drop of catering service really can serve any kind of event you throw at us from birthday parties and rehearsal dinners to corporate events and much more. Let us take care of your meals in advance and have them brought to you fresh and ready to eat. Your guests will leave full and completely satisfied with your special event letting them remember it for years to come.  Give us a call today and discover why our burger joint has the best hamburger in Phoenix Area!

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