Menu Spotlight: Falafel Burger

Menu Spotlight: Falafel Burger

At Aioli Burger, you can choose from a variety of burgers that are always cooked fresh and made to order. Some customers enjoy the charred beef flavor of our regular burgers. But we understand that vegetarians want in on the love too and offer a variety of choices for them to pick from. One of these veggie burger options is our Falafel Burger, a local favorite that offers a unique fusion of classic American burgers with Mediterranean cuisine. Take a look at how our Falafel Burger will be your next Aioli Burger favorite:

Delicious Burger and Toppings

Our Falafel Burger is a vegetarian’s dream. We start this burger by using our very own house made falafel and shaping it into a patty. Instead of classic American beef, we use this falafel patty that is grilled fresh when you order. Expect a mouthwatering burger that is crispy on the outside. Next, we top off the Falafel Burger with pickled onion, cucumber, a rich mango sauce (also called amba), and our house made black pepper aioli. Finally, we complete this veggie burger with our brioche bun that adds a touch of buttery goodness. Everyone who dines with Aioli Burger knows that we offer a variety of options for their veggie burger. You can mix up your Falafel Burger by ordering it with a lettuce wrap or gluten-free bun. Both options are perfect for those who want to save on a few extra carbs for their meal.

Tasty Sides and More

Of course, you will not have a complete meal with just the Falafel Burger. Make the most of your visit to Aioli Burger by pairing your Falafel Burger with one of our fan favorite sides. Our menu options include the caprese salad that uses fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, balsamic reduction, and extra virgin olive oil. We also continue to serve our favorite sweet potato fries and golden fries. No matter what you pick, they will be a great side to your burger. Don’t forget to wash it all down with one of our handcrafted jarred lemonades that include flavors such as strawberry and mango!

Order from Aioli Burger Today

You can enjoy the Falafel Burger and our other delicious options at Aioli Burger when you visit our food truck or stop by one of the three restaurant locations. Expect fresh ingredients and made to order burgers every time you visit.

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