Burger Patty Protein Options

Burger Patty Protein Options

Burgers are protein packed flavor machines! At Aioli Burger, we’ve meticulously chosen a roster of meats and plant-based proteins that will take you on a tasty adventure. These burger patty protein options cater to any palette and bring its unique flavor profile to the party.

The Beyond Burger: A Plant-Based Revolution

The future of burgers is here, and it’s plant-based. The Beyond Burger, crafted entirely from plants, boasts a protein profile that rivals beef. This burger offers a sustainable and delicious alternative without compromising on taste. With a slightly smoky undertone and a texture reminiscent of traditional meat, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. When paired with our signature toppings and sauces, this vegan protein burger becomes a testament to how plant-based dining can be both nutritious and indulgent.

Chicken: The Subtle Sophisticate

Chicken burgers offer a leaner yet incredibly flavorful alternative to the conventional beef patty. Our chicken is seasoned to perfection, ensuring every bite is succulent and bursting with flavors. Our chicken burgers promise a taste journey that’s light, tender, and delectably juicy. They’re an ode to those who seek a protein-packed meal that’s both wholesome and mouth-watering.

Aioli Burger Pattie: The Maestro of Meats

Crafting the perfect all beef burger patty is an art, and at Aioli Burger, we believe we’ve mastered it. Our specific burger patty protein is a fusion of select cuts, each contributing its unique flavor notes. This blend ensures that the meat is rich in proteins, making our burgers not just a feast for the taste buds but also a nourishing meal. The fat-to-meat ratio is balanced, ensuring every patty is juicy and brimming with meaty goodness.

Flavorful Falafel

The Falafel Burger combines the rich flavors of the Middle East into a modern burger form. Crafted primarily from chickpeas blended with herbs and spices, it’s fried to achieve a crispy exterior with a tender center. Served in a bun with tzatziki, it offers a nutritious, protein-packed alternative to traditional meat protein burgers, making it another great and diverse protein option!

Bring on the Protein!

Our proteins don’t just “fill the bun;” they are hand-picked to perfectly to feed your stomach and soul. Whether it’s the earthy notes of the Beyond Burger, a juicy and flavorful piece of chicken, the impeccable crunch of the falafel patty or the robust richness of our perfectly combined all beef patties, every protein choice is a satisfyingly good idea. Visit Aioli Burger or order online!

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