Guide to Burger Cheeses

Guide to Burger Cheeses

When cheese is melted over a juicy patty it has the power to turn a simple burger into a gourmet masterpiece! At Aioli Burger, we recognize the importance of this dairy delicacy and have curated smorgasbord of burger cheeses that complement our burgers flawlessly.

Blue Cheese: The Bold and the Beautiful

Blue cheese has a robust flavor profile that is characterized by its blue mold!  When spread over a freshly grilled burger patty, magic happens. The pungent tones of blue cheese playfully contrast with the savory taste of the meat. This cheese, combined with great toppings, makes every bite a play in contrasts and could be the best cheese for burgers with big flavors, such as our Black and Blue.

Swiss Cheese: A “Hole” New World

Swiss cheese, easily recognized by its distinctive holes or ‘eyes’, brings a mellow, nutty flavor to the table. This cheese’s origin from the Swiss Alps imparts it with a milky freshness that balances the hearty richness of our beef patties. Its ranks a 10 on the meltability scale, ensuring an even layer of cheesy goodness in each bite. When paired with mushrooms and sauteed onions, as in our White Truffle Swiss, Swiss cheese oozes sophistication and immense flavor.

Provolone: The Smooth Operator

Hailing from southern Italy, provolone cheese is a semi-hard cheese with a smooth texture. It has mild and slightly tangy undertones but is a real palate pleaser. Its gooey melt beautifully drapes the patty, making the union of meat and cheese feel inseparable. Combine this with caramelized onions or crispy bacon, and you have a burger that resonates with the comforting tastes of tradition.

Pepper Jack Cheese: The Spicy Maverick

If you enjoy a kick of spice with their burger, pepper jack is the way to go. The creamy consistency of the cheese juxtaposed with its spicy undertones is a testament to the versatility of burgers. A pepper jack cheeseburger, topped with jalapeños and a dab of spicy aioli, is for the adventurous souls who desire a fiery dance of flavor on their burger.

Cheesy Fusions at Aioli Burger

Cheese enriches the burger’s texture, ensuring every bite is moist and flavorful. The meltiness of the cheese, the juices of the patty, and the crispiness of the toppings come together to make a perfect meal. Whether it’s the mild tones of Swiss and provolone or the daring flavors of pepper jack and blue cheese, these burger cheeses are sure to enhance your burger experience. What are you waiting for? Order online or in one of our delicious locations. The cheese is waiting!

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