Menu Spotlight: Our Signature Salad

Menu Spotlight: Our Signature Salad

Everyone knows that you can find the best tasting and freshest burgers in the Phoenix Valley when you stop by Aioli Burger. Each of our burgers start with fresh beef and fresh toppings for an unbelievable experience. If you are one of our newest patrons, you may not know that our menu features much more than just burgers. We also offer a variety of sandwiches, fries, sides, and even the best salads in Phoenix! Our salad selection is a great way to save on a few calories without sacrificing any flavor. Take a look at our signature salad, the Aioli Wedge!

Fresh Salad, Every Time

Just like all of our other items on the menu, our signature salad uses only fresh ingredients. That means every bite into the Aioli Wedge features crisp lettuce and toppings. This signature salad uses fresh toppings that are never frozen. The Aioli Wedge starts with a crisp iceberg lettuce that offers a crunch to every bite. Next up are the toppings that include pickled red onion, Applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, diced English cucumber, and blue cheese crumbles. To top it all off, the salad is finished with a rich blue cheese dressing that brings it all together. When you stop by our restaurant you can even have chicken added for even more protein. Now that is some tasty sounding salad!

Make It a Meal

Our signature salad can easily be enjoyed on its own; you can also pair it with one of our delicious sides for a full meal. Add on an order of tasty golden fries or sweet potato fries. Our house made dipping sauces are simply delicious! Or split the salad with a loved one as you two enjoy a burger for the main course. If you are still looking to save on the calories, you can have the brioche bun substituted for a lettuce warp. Each item is made with love and fresh ingredients for a tasty meal. There is no wrong way to enjoy a meal at Aioli Burger.

More to Order at Aioli Burger

As you can see, our signature salad at Aioli Burger is a sure-fire winner every time. Enjoy the best salads in Phoenix and our award-winning burgers when you find our food truck around the valley. You can also visit one of our restaurant locations with an even bigger menu and offerings. Let Aioli Burger take care of you today.

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