Menu Spotlight: Golden Fries

Menu Spotlight: Golden Fries

When you think of the perfect side to any burger, your mind instantly goes to French fries. This golden staple to all meals resembling a burger has been around for hundreds of years. Each crispy and salty bite perfectly complements your decadent burger. At Aioli Burger, we may be best known for our delicious burgers, but our fries are just as much a winner with our customers as anything else. Take a look at what makes our golden fries the best French fries in Phoenix and the perfect complement to your meal at Aioli Burger:

Crispy Golden Fries

Most visitors to any burger joint will almost instantly jump into their basket of fries first before taking a bite of their burger. They are just sitting there in their basket looking absolutely tasty. The same is absolutely true when you stop by our food truck or restaurant locations found around Phoenix. Each basket of golden fries is made fresh so you can expect hot and ready to eat fries. We use real golden potatoes for each batch for full flavor. We also use just the right amount of salt to satisfy for your craving without being too much. Last but certainly not least is our sides of dipping sauces. We offer all of the classics along with some unique offerings available only at Aioli Burger. Best of all, each sauce is made fresh in house to ensure maximum enjoyment. Put all of this together and you have the best fries you can find in Phoenix!

Easy Addition to Your Meal

Our golden fries are the perfect side item for any burger you pick on our menu. There is a reason why burgers and fries have always been America’s perfect couple. The salty goodness of the fries will prepare your mouth for the incredible flavors available in each of our burgers. Our golden fries are also the perfect size to enjoy on their own for an afternoon snack. There is no wrong way to enjoy the best French fries in Phoenix!

Find Aioli Burger Today

As you can see, our golden fries are a customer favorite for a good reason. Try these delicious fries by stopping by one of our several restaurant locations now available in Phoenix. Our food truck continues to service the valley and can be found at many exciting events. We also offer a variety of meal prep options for those who would like to have tasty, healthy meals throughout the week. Track down Aioli Burger today!

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