Halloween Catering

Halloween Catering

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So, you’re planning a crazy unforgettable Halloween soirée, and you’re in need of dubiously delicious treats to charm your ghoulish guests. You’ve come to the right place. Aioli Burger is geared and ready to unleash the flavor beasts on all your spooky celebrations with our Halloween catering!

Get Your Grub on This Spooky Season

You’ve created a creepy ambiance for your festivities. Now you need the food to match. Aioli Burger is here to serve up sizzling delights. Your guests will follow their nose to the ghostly silhouette of an Aioli Burger gourmet spread! Sound the hounds, for we’re not merely serving mortal meals, we’re concocting epic creations on a plate! Choose the Halloween party catering service that best suits your event. Learn more about the options for food truck, drop-off, or full-service catering for all your freaky festivities!

Drop-Off Service: Now You See Us, Now You Don’t

Let Aioli Burger’s drop-off catering service conjure up the culinary magic for you, drop it off and leave you to it. This service is perfectly brewed for hosts who desire the enchanting flavors of Aioli Burger without the spectacle of a full-sized food truck or full-service catering. It’s the ideal choice for events set in more intimate venues, such as eerie backyard parties or gatherings of goblins at home.

With Aioli’s drop-off Halloween party catering, a cauldron of delights is delivered right to your door, allowing you to design your own dark banquet up to you. Create the Halloween tablescape of your dreams as you unveil the food amidst cobwebs, pumpkins, and candlelight. The very sight and aroma of Aioli’s ghoulishly good offerings are bound to enchant your guests.

We’ll work with you to craft a supernatural menu that caters to the tastes of every witch, ghost, and goblin in attendance. Try the loaded fries which come dripping in velvety cheddar and pepper jack cheese and topped with ghostly wisps of bacon. Enjoy an assortment of fang-tastic treats that would make even Dracula drool! The team will appear to drop off your food, and then poof! They disappear. But fear not, we won’t leave you hanging. Every drop off catering option comes with the essential serving tools, making your hosting duties breezy like a howling wind.

Food Truck Catering: A Ghastly Gourmet on Wheels

Choose our food truck catering option if you prefer a magical culinary caravan, bringing hauntingly delicious treats straight from the cauldron to your guests. As the unmistakable Aioli Burger food truck rolls in, your guests’ eyes will widen, and their mouths will water, awaiting the bewitched bites to come. There’s an unmistakable charm in witnessing dishes materialize right before your eyes, fresh, sizzling, and infused with a touch of magic.

Perfect for Halloween balls, community block parties, trunk-or-treats, or spine-chilling corporate events, the food truck Halloween catering service weaves seamlessly into the ambiance of the evening. As your guests line up in costumes, the enticing aroma of grilled burgers fills the night air. They might choose the fabled Aioli Burger, or perhaps they’ll dare to try the mystical Falafel Burger. Each morsel is a delectable dance of fresh ingredients and culinary conjuring.

But the alchemy doesn’t end with burgers. The truck unfurls a treasure trove of Aioli’s most enchanting appetizers. The Fry Flight, for instance, feels like a broomstick ride through a galaxy of aioli flavors. To quench the thirst from all the midnight revelry? The AZ Lemonade Stand Jar brims with an array refreshing potions will keep spirits high.

Full-Service Catering: Service with a Fanged Smile

Our full-service catering epitomizes elegance, flavor, and attention to detail. The Aioli Burger brigade will work hand in phantom hand with you to provide food that harmonizes with the eerie essence of your Halloween gathering. A banquet of the night’s delights awaits, with starters like the haunted house-made fried pickle chips, or perhaps the bewitched three cheese mac-n-cheese bites, ensuring that every creature of the night finds a dish to sink their fangs into.

Aioli’s dedicated staff is excited to offer service that’s nothing short of supernatural. Every guest will be attended to with a mix of professionalism and Halloween flair. We’ll work hard to make sure each plate of burger and side remains tantalizingly fresh as the witching hour approaches. From the food’s ghostly presentation to the banquet layout, your event will be as unforgettable.

With Aioli Gourmet Burgers, we vouch for more than just tantalizing treats; we vow to craft a culinary masterpiece. A dance of flavors that resonates with the pulse of Halloween, appeals to a variety of palates, and lures your guests into food coma!

Book Your Halloween Catering with Aioli Burger

Tune your organ, strike up the frightening choir, kindle the grills, and let’s get this spooky party going! With Aioli Burger leading the way, your Halloween event promises to be an epicurean extravaganza. Reach out today to discover the perfect Halloween catering option for you.

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We ordered the food trucks 2 weeks before our event on July 3. The process was seamless. They were easy to work with, friendly, and responded quickly. The day of the event the truck arrived on schedule and were able to provide the food in a timely manner. Our guests were more than pleased. The food was AMAZING and the truffle fries are a must. The workers were friendly and expedient (unfortunately, I can't remember their names but they were great) . We had them park in the courtyard and there was no damage from any drippings. They came prepared with cardboard and we laid additional tarps down to be on the safe side. We look forward to having them again and trying their other food trucks. Highly recommend.

Joy R.

What an impressive experience. Aioli Gourmet Burgers Food Truck came to our hotel and provided a wonderful Rehearsal Dinner for our daughter's wedding. We had a large group which included all of our family and out-of-town guests. When we could not find a restaurant to host us for an April 30 event they stepped up to assist us. Everyone raved about the food and the selection and as hosts we were pleased with the fast service at the truck and the timeliness of their arrival and efficiency. I will use their services again without question. Thank you for making our pre-wedding events a success!!

Susan P.

This is the 3rd year in a row that we have used an Aioli Burger truck for a birthday party at our house - each and every time they hit it out of the park! The burgers are so delicious and crowd pleasing! The staff is always on time, fun to have around, and very respectful. Having Aioli Burgers Food Truck at our party makes it so easy, no need to prep food and no mess to clean up! It's a win-win!

Stacy B.

Hired the food truck for my son's engagement party and they met all of my expectations, which is not an easy task. They arrived RIGHT on time and began serving RIGHT on time. The burgers were delicious! It was the perfect solution to Covid and allowed me to socialize versus focusing on the mechanics of the evening! I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

Kim R.

I follow these trucks everywhere they go.... I'm so excited to see that they expanded to two trucks!!! Friends have used them for catering small to big events with full menu choices too. I was also lucky enough to be at The Burger Battle of 2015 when they won out of all those other restaurants and it was 1st time they had a truck enter!!! Way to go Aioli......

April K.




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