The Top 5 Aioli Sauces at Aioli Burger

The Top 5 Aioli Sauces at Aioli Burger

At Aioli Burger, we understand that a great dish is all about the details. And when it comes to our golden fries and sweet potato fries, it’s the sauces that transform them from simply good to unbelievably irresistible! Let’s dip into the top five aioli sauces that are customer favorites.

Chipotle Aioli: A Smoky Sensation

If you love a touch of smoky spiciness, then the Chipotle Aioli is for you. Made from chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, this aioli packs a punch with its deep, smoky flavor complemented by a subtle heat that builds with each bite. It pairs wonderfully with both golden and sweet potato fries, adding a kick that elevates the natural sweetness of the potatoes.

House-Made Ketchup: Not Your Ordinary Ketchup

Forget about the generic, overly sweet ketchup you might be used to. Aioli’s house-made ketchup is a revelation. It’s crafted from a blend of ripe tomatoes, a hint of sweetness, and a secret mix of spices, resulting in a ketchup that’s robust and full of rich tomato flavor. A classic yet elevated dip for your fries.

Basil Garlic Aioli: Aromatic and Creamy

For an herby touch, our Basil Garlic Aioli is a must-try. The freshness of basil combined with the pungent kick of garlic creates a creamy and aromatic sauce that is both refreshing and yummy. It’s particularly divine with our crispy golden fries, adding a Mediterranean twist to each bite.

Sumac Aioli: A Tangy Middle Eastern Twist

Sumac, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, is known for its tangy and slightly fruity flavor profile. When infused in our aioli, it creates a uniquely tangy and vibrant sauce that complements the natural sweetness of our sweet potato fries exceptionally well.

White Truffle Aioli: Luxurious and Decadent

Our White Truffle Aioli is the epitome of luxury in a sauce. Truffles are renowned for their intense and earthy aroma, and when blended into our creamy aioli, they create a sauce that’s rich, sophisticated, and full of umami flavor! You’ll be eating each golden or sweet potato fry with a pinky up as you dip into this gourmet sauce. It’s also a top choice aioli for hamburgers, as evidenced by our White Truffle Swiss burger!

Aioli’s Catering Service: Bringing Flavors to You

Aioli Burger’s catering service can make these delightful sauces part of your next big event! Cater your corporate event, family gathering, or a wedding with Aioli Burger. Our team can provide a tailored catering experience that includes these delicious aioli sauces. Catering services range from drop-off, food truck, to full-service. Reach out or stop by today to learn more about these services and get your dip on with these delectable sauces!

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