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It may seem like only yesterday that young adult sitting across from you was just a babe in your arms, but next month he or she is about to graduate from high school—or better yet, from college! You’ve dreamed about this moment and dreaded it equally, but there’s no stopping it. Time marches on, and in a little over a month you’ll be tearfully waiting in the stands listening for your baby’s name to be called. And after the ceremony has ended, it will be time to celebrate your child’s accomplishments with a supersized celebration catered by none other than your favorite food truck and burger place, Aioli Burger!

Why Cater?

First of all, this is YOUR moment in the sun as well.You’ve sacrificed time, money, and energy all these years to ensure your child achieves this milestone, and you don’t want to spend this shining time hidden in the kitchen,cooking, cleaning, and crying alone. Aioli Burger’s catering services are multi-tiered, allowing you to choose what Phoenix catering service suits your needs best.

You can choose our drop-off catering service,in which we prepare the food, provide the utensils,and leave you alone to handle the tiny details. This option is good for more intimate gatherings. Our food truck catering service is best used in an open area setting—a giant party at the park, for instance. We provide the food fresh and hot as ordered, but you need the space for the truck! Finally, our full-service catering option means we handle everything—set up, food prep, and clean up—allowing you to concentrate on more important things like hugging and kissing your graduate as many times as possible, for example!

Why Aioli?

That’s an easy question, of course! You’ve been enjoying our burgers since the beginning, and you feel safe in knowing that not only is our food delicious, but the locally-sourced ingredients we use are fresh and healthy, providing your young adult, family, and friends the perfect meal to close one chapter and start a new one! From the standard Aioli Burger to the unique and scrumptious Falafel Burger (vegetarians need not feel left out at your Graduation Bash!),every burger combination we offer is guaranteed to be the secondary star of your celebration; we don’t want to take away any attention from your own shining star, after all! Oh, and if all this isn’t good enough, if you meet book our Phoenix catering services for your graduation party, we will give you a dessert or appetizer on the house! This graduation party is looking better and better as each minute passes by, don’t you think?

It’s Coming Sooner Than You Realize! Book Your Phoenix Catering Today!

Give us a call today and cross one more thing off your long list of things to do for your special graduate!


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