Most Underrated Food Items at Aioli Gourmet Burgers You Should Try

The other day, as we were sitting around munching on some mac and cheese bites, washing them down with our mason jar lemonade, we started wondering why we don’t eat these more often. We devoured every bite, embarrassingly almost licking the bottom of the container they came in, so we know that it wasn’t subpar taste that kept us from enjoying them more. The conversation continued and we realized that there are some items on our Aioli Gourmet Burgers menu that don’t just get ordered as much. After much discussion (and more mac and cheese bites!) we think we came to an understanding why some of our foods just don’t get ordered as much and although we are using the term underrated, we believe it has nothing to do with the items themselves! No, the foods are delicious and well loved, but today’s diners simply don’t have the room in their stomachs! Because many of the items that are “underrated” are appetizers and desserts and after you have demolished a big ole burger and fries, your stomach may complain if you try to add anything else to its contents!

The Bites You Haven’t Tried

It really is a shame that more of you aren’t enjoying a basket of pretzel bites or have not realized that our patio at 32nd and Shea welcomes your fur children with a special dish we call the Bow Wow trio! (Milk Bones, Peanut Butter, and Apple Slices!) Your stomachs are so full after devouring our burger and shake of the moment, you may not have even considered ordering a flight of fries that includes a variety of our sauces and your choice of golden fries, sweet potato fries, or a blend of both! Even our spicy house made fried pickle chips may have escaped your notice and with the way pickles are taking over the food world, it’s a real shame that you haven’t tried ours! In addition to these options, we also offer a selection different burger cheeses to help customize each of your burgers.

The Solution is Simple!

We don’t want you to stuff yourself until you are uncomfortable, instead, we think that the simplest solution is to come by more, just for snacks! Those hours between the final bell and the dinner bell often seem excruciatingly long, so pick up the kids and reward them with an appetizer from Aioli Gourmet Burgers! Small enough to keep them from overeating but hearty enough to keep their stomachs from going hollow. Pickle chips, fry flights, pretzel bites; all will make you happy and help keep those items from falling on the underrated charts! Stop by today and bring sweet Zoe if you’re visiting our 32nd and Shea location! The Bow Wow Trio is waiting!


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