Menu Spotlight: Italiano Burger

Menu Spotlight: Italiano Burger

Aioli Burger has been around the Phoenix Valley for several years now. We have been offering a variety of burgers, sides, and drinks to much acclaim. Our customers continue to return time after time to enjoy our made to order burgers that always use fresh ingredients. Some of our burgers have even gone on to win awards in Phoenix. Our Italiano is such one dish that has been enjoyed by food critics since 2016. This specialty gourmet burger is made fresh every time just like the rest of our menu. Take a look at how the Italiano stands above the rest:

Unique Burger with Fresh Flavor

There is a reason why our Italiano Burger won the Devoured Best Dish of 2016; it’s a worthy effort created using fresh beef that is never frozen along with a variety of incredible toppings. Just like all of our other gourmet burgers, we grill up the beef patties when you order it. Our beef is always fresh, and we never freeze it. The Italiano is then covered with fresh mozzarella, tomato, crispy bacon, fresh basil, balsamic reduction, and our house made basil garlic aioli. Best of all, we throw the patty and all of the toppings onto a buttery brioche bun. We also offer a variety of bun options including our lettuce wrap and gluten-free bun as well. There are plenty of patty options too, including our chicken patty and vegetarian patty!

Pair It with a Side

Our Italiano stands on its own but it can also easily be paired with one of our delicious sides. We offer a variety of sides including our golden French fries and sweet potato fries. Those looking to save some calories can also add a delicious caprese salad that has many of the same toppings as our Italiano burger does. Make sure to order a handcrafted jarred lemonade to wash it all down in one delicious meal. You can’t go wrong with our Italiano at Aioli Burger!

Aioli Burger Done Right

You can easily see why our Italiano Burger has won over food critics and customers alike. This popular gourmet burger can be found at our food truck and three restaurant locations. Simply visit us for dine in service or place an order to go. Let Aioli Burger take care of all of your burger cravings!

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