Menu Spotlight: Fresh Prince

Menu Spotlight: Fresh Prince

Aioli Burger has done it again! Our creative chefs are always trying to find the next customer favorite by adding to our selection of delicious burgers. When you stop by our restaurant locations, you may notice a few options that are not on the food truck menu. The Fresh Prince is one such ribeye burger that has garnered incredible reviews. Take a look at how the Fresh Prince stacks up with the competition:

Fresh Ingredients Every Time

At Aioli Burger, we pride ourselves on cooking up tasty burgers that use fresh toppings and ingredients every time. It all starts with our patties that are made from fresh, never frozen beef. Each ribeye burger is made to order just the way you like it. Next up, we top our burgers with the popular brioche buns that offer a hint of butter. Most burgers feature decadent sauces that are all made in house. If you really want to mix it up, we also feature alternative patties such as our chicken breast and Beyond Burger vegan patty. Lettuce wraps and gluten free buns are also available!

Fresh Prince

Now to the main event, our Fresh Prince! There is no overstating just how tasty this burger is. The Fresh Prince is made for those who love deli sandwiches but want that juicy beef in every bite. This popular burger features some tasty toppings like provolone cheese, pepperoncini peppers, caramelized onion, arugula, and our chipotle aioli. You cannot forget the shaved ribeye that tops it all off. This unique blend of deli sandwich and tasty ribeye hamburger is a home run. Do not just take our word for it; try it out for yourself! Be sure to check out our top 3 burger options as well.

Pair It with a Side

Our burgers are big enough to eat on their own, but you cannot pass up the opportunity to enjoy one of our popular sides. Pair your ribeye hamburger with beer battered onion rings or our popular sweet potato fries. These salty sides have been the perfect side to burgers for decades now. Side salads are the perfect way to watch your calories without sacrificing any flavor. Our Caprese Salad features fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, and balsamic reduction for an Italian classic. Our onsite restaurant locations have even more options to choose from on the menu. You can start your meal with a tasty appetizer that includes customer favorites such as the pretzel bites, a flight of fries and dips, elote, and mac and cheese bites. There are plenty of drink options at our food truck and restaurant locations too. Our jarred lemonade is handmade and features flavors such as strawberry. Additional drink options include bottled and canned soda and bottled water. There is no end to the combination options we can provide to you!

Worthy Catering Services at Aioli Burger

As you know by now, you can track down our Fresh Prince or any other burger we offer at our mobile food truck or onsite restaurant locations. If you are looking to feed more than your standard dinner table, consider scheduling one of our catering services. Our team offers a variety of catering services that can take care of groups of all sizes. We frequently cater events such as birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, weddings, and rehearsal dinners. Our first catering option is having our mobile food truck come out to your event. This is the perfect way to host larger events that need onsite cooking. Our food truck can take orders from your guests whenever they get hungry. The entire food truck menu is available to choose from! Another great way our team can help you is by preparing your order in advance and having it delivered just in time for your event. This provides even more food options to choose from. Everything arrives hot and ready to eat letting your meal be the highlight of your special event. Both catering options are a great way of trying out the Fresh Prince and our other delicious burgers!

Plenty of Kid Options

If you have younger children joining you for your next meal at Aioli Burger you will be glad to hear we offer a delicious children’s menu. These smaller entrees are the perfect size for younger children. Have them order our Aioli Jr Cheese Burger with a juicy patty, cheddar cheese, and toasted bun. Additional options also include crispy chicken tenders along with gooey grilled cheese. Yum!

Aioli Burger Did It Again

As you can see, our chefs are culinary experts that add the perfect dash of insanity. You can experience the Fresh Prince for yourself at our restaurant locations in the Phoenix Valley. Don’t forget our food truck that continues to sling tasty burgers out on the street, too! Call our team today and see how our catering services can elevate your next special event.

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