Best Fries in Phoenix: Aioli’s Sweet Potato Fries

Best Fries in Phoenix: Aioli’s Sweet Potato Fries

The time has come for regular French fries to lose their spot as the best side to any burger. Sure, French fries continue to be a delicious and salty treat that are the perfect starter to any meal, but our customers continue to expect delicious offerings from Aioli Burger. Our sweet potato fries have been a customer favorite since we first opened our doors; they might just be the best fries in Phoenix! These delicious fries are shaped just like your usual French fries but instead use incredible sweet potatoes instead of golden potatoes. Take a look at how our sweet potato fries will win you over:

Best Fries in Phoenix

Just like everything else on the menu, we use only the freshest ingredients for our sweet potato fries. Simply put, these are some delicious sweet potatoes that are sliced and fried to perfection. Each fry delivers the perfect crispy texture in every bite and offers the salty goodness you want. We make each batch to order so you do not have any soggy fries either. What is even better is when you pair our sweet potato fries with our handmade dipping sauces such as garlic aioli and of course ketchup. One bite and you will never be able to return to any other quick search “hamburger joints near me” place for their fries again!

Make It a Meal

Having our sweet potato fries on their own is perfectly acceptable in our book. However, some guests will want to make a visit to Aioli Burger for a full meal. You can easily pair our sweet potato fries with any delicious burger on the menu. Each burger uses fresh beef and fresh toppings for an unbelievable experience. Or switch things up and switch out the beef patty with a chicken or vegetarian patty. Our salads are the perfect options for those looking to save a few calories and enjoy some fresh lettuce and toppings. Picking and choosing your meal can result in an endless selection of meals available only from Aioli Burger.

More Flavor at Aioli Burger

As you can see, there is no wrong way to enjoy our customer favorite sweet potato fries. You can easily track us down by finding our food truck at one of the many live events in the Phoenix Valley. You can also stop by one of our many restaurant locations for a complete dining experience. We look forward to serving you the best fries in Phoenix alongside one of our award-winning burgers!

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