The Best Tempe Food Trucks

The Best Tempe Food Trucks

Tempe is home to a diverse and dynamic culinary scene, bursting with a wide range of cuisines and flavors. If you’re looking for “burgers near me” on Google, may we suggest our own tasty creations? Our food truck melds the best of an American classic with fresh ingredients to create award-winning gourmet burgers that even those with dietary restrictions can chow down on. In short, Aioli Gourmet Burgers is one of the best Tempe food trucks in terms of taste, quality, universal appeal and has some of the best food in Tempe.

Try Tempe’s Most Delicious Burgers

Each of our mouthwatering burgers begins with a brioche bun and a hearty Kobe beef patty, with the option to make your burger healthier by substituting the bun for a refreshing lettuce wrap.

From there, your food journey is only beginning. You’ll be met with a world of flavors, no matter which of the incredible burgers you choose. Play it safe with a traditional cheeseburger that doesn’t feel so traditional when the beef is so high-quality. Bite into a savory Aioli Burger, our namesake burger topped with roasted garlic aioli, applewood bacon onion jam, and aged sharp cheddar.

Indulge in avocado and chipotle aioli with a California Burger, or branch out to more exotic flavors with the White Truffle Swiss Burger or the Black and Blue Burger. Even those looking for a taste other than “burger” will find something to love on our menu, such as the Italiano Burger with basil garlic aioli, fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction, and crispy pancetta, or the vegetarian-friendly Falafel Burger with sumac aioli, house-made hummus, and mango sauce. It’s not surprising that Aioli Burgers has some of the best food in Tempe.

Pair your hearty gourmet burger with a refreshing Caprese or strawberry apple salad or a side of golden or sweet potato fries with your choice of aioli. Quench your thirst with our homemade lemonade, our craft juice cocktails, or soda from a glass bottle. Whatever direction your palate takes you, Aioli Gourmet Burgers’ menu is sure to please!

Aioli Gourmet Burgers – See Why We Have Some of the Best Food in Tempe

We’re proud to own one of the best Tempe food trucks, and we’d love to cater your next special event—whether you’re hosting a celebration like a wedding or a bar mitzvah or you’re celebrating surviving another week at the office. Call Aioli Gourmet Burgers at (602) 971-5555 or email us at to book our food truck catering services today. Check out our calendar to see when our food truck will be in a Tempe neighborhood near you, or browse our testimonials to see how others have enjoyed their service from us!

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