Best Places to Eat in Scottsdale: Our Scottsdale Food Truck

Best Places to Eat in Scottsdale: Our Scottsdale Food Truck

Since the beginning, Aioli Gourmet Burgers has been committed to serving the best gourmet burgers across the Valley, with many of our best customers located in Scottsdale. Our food truck is known for being one of the best places to eat in Scottsdale, which is why so many of our customers come back time and time again, whether they catch us in their neighborhood or they order catering from our food trucks. If you’re wondering where to eat in Scottsdale, then look no further than Aioli Burgers. Our award-winning menu of delicious burgers topped with fresh ingredients provides patrons with a gourmet dining experience without the price tag, delivered on-demand to your location.

Finely-Made Burgers for the Food Connoisseur

In Scottsdale and beyond, those with a passion for food will often agree that the term “fast food” has become equated with cheap, tasteless meals that have been bagged up, defrosted, reheated, reassembled factory-style, and have been left sitting under a heat lamp for hours on end before magically reaching your hand just moments after you’ve paid. Other hamburger joints may be okay with that, but not Aioli!

Aioli Gourmet Burgers’ vision of “fast food” looks like gourmet burgers catered at your convenience—a vastly different picture than rolling through the old drive-thru. Our red and white truck comes to you and custom crafts a burger just for you, right on site. Book our catering service for your weddingoffice party, bar mitzvah, or any other special event and make it an occasion to remember!

Just imagine all of the fun and excitement you can have with our incredible food truck featured at your special event. Our food truck will come to you and set up right at the event. This is a popular catering service our customers love to have as it brings excitement to your guests! Your guests will be able to order their favorite burger and sides at their own convenience or whenever they get hungry. Each order is prepared fresh and can include any of our burgers, sides, and salads. Best of all, our food truck allows us to take away the stress of having to plan where and what to order for your special event. Now that is some quality service!

What really sells our incredible food truck service is the quality of our burgers that are just as amazing to taste as they are to make. Our menu consists of quality burgers, handcrafted with fresh ingredients. Try the White Truffle Swiss Burger, topped with Swiss cheese and white truffle aioli, the Italiano Burger with crispy pancetta and basil garlic aioli, the Black and Blue Burger with black pepper aioli and Maytag blue cheese, or the vegetarian Falafel Burger and experience the diversity of the burgers we offer. It’s no wonder why Aioli Burgers is one of the best places to eat in Scottsdale!

Order our namesake Aioli Burger with aged sharp cheddar, roasted garlic aioli, and applewood bacon onion jam, get your fix of avocado and chipotle aioli with the California Burger or try our take on a classic cheeseburger. Each of our burgers is topped off with a freshly baked brioche bun; we do not use your cheap hamburger bun found at typical fast food joints! If you are looking to avoid a few extra carbs, we can prepare any of our burgers as a lettuce wrap instead. In lieu of a bun, we wrap up your patty and toppings inside a crisp lettuce wrap. There are so many ways we can prepare your burger and have it paired with a just as tasty side. No matter which one you choose, you won’t regret choosing Aioli Gourmet Burgers!

More Than Just Burgers

Every burger needs a side of freshly prepared French fries to make it a solid meal. Our food truck offers your standard French fries that are fried to order and served with just the right amount of salt. Another popular option is our sweet potato fries that are the perfect lower calorie treat to pair with any burger. Each side of fries includes your choice of fresh sauces. We currently offer house made ketchup, sumac aioli, basil garlic aioli, and white truffle aioli. There is nothing better than dipping each fry into these incredible sauces!

Additional sides we offer include our gourmet salads that are made with fresh vegetables and leafy greens. Choose our caprese salad, a classic Italian salad made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and a delicious balsamic reduction. Our other salad option is the signature salad that uses a rich bacon sherry vinaigrette that covers fresh tomatoes, pickled red onions, arugula, and blue cheese. There’s no wrong choice with either of these tasty sides!

See Why We’re One of the Best Places to Eat in Scottsdale

Chef Tom and the team at Aioli Gourmet Burgers are dedicated to serving up the kind of burger you’ll dream about for weeks on end. Call us at (602) 971-5555 or email us at to book our amazing food truck and catering for your special event, or check out our calendar to see when the burger truck will be in a neighborhood near you! We also have a new location in Fry’s for you to come visit whenever you’re craving a delicious burger.

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