Phoenix Curbside Pickup

Phoenix Curbside Pickup

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year. We all started off the year thinking everything was going to be great, then COVID decided to show its nasty head. The restaurant industry has been impacted greatly by the pandemic. For months, individuals could not enjoy their favorite meals at local restaurants, and some faced the threat of closure. Luckily, many restaurants, including ourselves, were able to adapt to this difficult time and continue to serve our loyal patrons. One such way we managed this was through our Phoenix curbside pickup service. While we will always believe Aioli Burger is best enjoyed when you dine in with us, we completely understand families wishing to maintain their social distancing. Curbside pick-up allows them to continue to enjoy our delicious and always fresh burgers without having to eat in public.

Simple Process, Fantastic Flavor

Curbside pick-up orders are no longer delegated to just fast-food restaurants. At Aioli Burger in Phoenix, AZ, we want to make sure each and every customer is taken care of. Making a Phoenix curbside pickup order is just as easy as ordering in the restaurant or with the food truck. Contact your pick-up location and let them know what you want. You can even complete your order online to make it even easier. Our curbside pick-up orders will let you know when your food will be ready so you can grab it when it’s hot and ready to eat. Pick up your orders from the restaurant out front and take off to enjoy your meal from the comfort of your home.

What to Order

When you utilize our Phoenix curbside pickup service, you can order anything from our incredible menu at Aioli Burger. That’s right, anything from our lengthy menu can easily be packaged to go and picked up at your convenience. This includes the variety of burgers we offer that use fresh beef patties. Or mix up your burger with a chicken patty or veggie patty. Don’t forget about dessert and sides, as our milkshakes and fries are the best combo to ever take place in a Phoenix burger joint. Anything on the menu is fair game for curbside pick-up at Aioli Burger!

Step Up Your Burger Game Today

Phoenix curbside pickup is just one of the many services we provide here at Aioli Burger in Phoenix, AZ. Place your order online today or give your nearest location a call to set up your order. For events, consider our catering service that is just as convenient!

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