Your Kids Will Love a Back to School Arizona Meal at Aioli!

Can you believe it? The lazy days of summer have ended and our social network websites are filled with postings of all your friend’s kid’s 1st day of school photos! Even though the heat is still rampant (111 degrees in September?) the school buses are back in the neighborhoods, meet the teacher night has ended, and the real work has begun again. Chances are, however, your children are feeling a little less than thrilled about this time of year, no matter how wonderful you may find it, and are also feeling a little more hungry than usual as the free grazing habits they have been practicing all summer has ended, making a back to school Arizona meal at Aioli the perfect way to help them get adapted to the new school year!

You Remember

Growing up, the return to school was always a mixed blessing. You missed your friends and maybe even the routine, but getting up early, pop quizzes, and school bullies were not something you looked forward to and your children are going through the same thing right now. So when the final bell of the year rings and you are waiting in the pick-up lane for your kiddos to open the doors and jump into the back seat with backpacks loaded with homework and notes from the teacher, why not turn right at the light instead of left and take them for a special back to school Arizona meal at one of our Aioli gourmet restaurants? Put off the inevitable grumbling about homework, let the working parent fend for themselves for dinner, and devote some quality time to devouring our shake and burger of the now with the littles that really do light up your life! These moments are fleeting and somehow it is always easier for your children to open up their hearts and reveal their secrets in between bites of the burger of the now (September’s burger is the Green Chili Smash Burger) and sips of a thick and creamy shake! (The shake is tres leches, a sweet treat guaranteed to sweeten the disposition of a grumpy adolescent!)

The Joy of a Genuine Smile

The smiles on their faces (and yours!) will be real when you take a break from the routine and treat your kiddos to a back-to-school meal at Aioli Burgers! Stop by today!


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