What’s Your Favorite Aioli Dipping Sauce?

Dating back to the Pepsi versus Coke taste tests back in the 80s, Americans have become very opinionated about what they like in their foods, their drinks, and in some cases, the sauces they choose to dip their fries in! The ketchup contingency is rapidly losing footage to the ranch dressing gang, with the salsa connection nipping at their heels—and then there’s Aioli Gourmet Burger’s own unique dipping sauces causing a bit of a traffic jam with the Arizona demographic! Rightfully so, we think, and all of this talk has got us thinking and wondering, which Aioli dipping sauce is your favorite? We’ve asked around and our top conclusions can be found below!

House Ketchup

Not surprisingly, our house ketchup still has a leg up in the sauce race. Boasting a sweet and tangy flavor not often found in bottles on the store shelf, it gives those who are afraid of change the opportunity to feel proud for trying something different!

House Garlic

Smooth, creamy, and excellent for keeping away the vampires, our secret ingredients are what make this saucy dipping sauce such a house favorite! It’s amazing when eaten with our golden fries, but when tried with our sweet potato fries, our guests have told us that the house garlic dip takes delicious to a new level of taste satisfaction!

Roasted Garlic

Our roasted garlic is as different from the house garlic as peanut butter is different from jelly! Offering a deeper and smokier flavor, the only negative comments are linked to not being able to kiss their dates after tasting this delicacy. Our solution? Feed your sweetie his own roasted garlic dipped fry and let the kissing commence!


As our adventurous diners begin to happily dip their fries, both golden and sweet, into this Italian-based gourmet delight, the only sounds we hear are the slightly sloppy sounds of people eating with their mouths open and the occasional groans of rapture. Manners are rightfully forgotten in the sensations of culinary perfection, so we forgive our guests their temporary rudeness and thank them for giving our basil dipping sauce a unanimous two thumbs up!


Our final dipping sauce is a spicy little number, offering an explosion of flavor with every taste. It’s perfect for fries (golden and sweet potato), farm roasted veggies, or simply used as a topping for your favorite burger! Loved by all and hated by none, if we dared hazard a guess, the cheers of delight that accompanied our guests first bites would cause us to draw the conclusion that chipotle is the clear winner! Feel free to conduct your own taste test, however, and let us know the results!

Taste The Best Dipping Sauce at Aioli Burgers

Chasing down our food trucks is easy, and of course, you’ve already visited our brick and mortar restaurant more than a few times, so come on by and start your own taste test today! We’ll save you a seat! Contact us to learn more.


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Aioli is popping up on menus with some confusion between garlic mayonnaise and aioli sauce. With all due respect, aioli is not mayonnaise that took a semester abroad.  @aioligourmetburger offers fresh, as in made from scratch daily, aioli sauce in four finger-licking flavors, white truffle, basil garlic, chipotle, and roasted garlic. This, along with great customer service and some serious customer loyalty, has lead from one food truck to three and a restaurant at 32nd St and Shea Blvd.  For catering or dinner tonight, #aioligourmetburgers top choice!
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