What Do You Put on Your Favorite Phoenix Burger?

People are like snowflakes: No two are exactly alike, even identical twins. Life experiences mold us, changing our likes to dislikes and vice versa, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to the food we eat. Some prefer hot sauce, some feel that ketchup is more than spicy enough, and then you add in allergies, locations, and people who choose not to hurt any living creatures, and the differences add up like a very complicated problem! Our customers are unique as well, and they know that we love to offer a variety of toppings to meet their needs. So, with all our amazing options, what do you put on your favorite Phoenix burger?

More Than Ketchup or Mustard

There’s a world of ingredients out there to choose from and this includes more than your basic condiments. As a matter of fact, you may have noticed that our burgers rarely come with the average toppings! The most important ingredient, in our humble opinion, is cheese. A burger without cheese is like a cupcake without frosting, and the variety of cheeses can make even the basic Aioli Burger taste like a gourmet treat! From plain American to crumbly bleu cheese, your cheese choices can change the taste of every burger you taste!

But What About Pickles?

Just as the idea of pineapple on pizza has divided the pie world, burger eaters tend to come in two varieties: those who love pickles and those who do not! Fortunately, wherever you fall on the pickle fence, there are a variety of other options that will make your taste buds sing! From the caramelized onions that top our Fresh Prince Burger to the New Mexico hatch chiles that spice up the New Mexico, each topping adds a fresh taste and twist to the burger. Roasted mushrooms on the White Truffle Swiss, avocado on California, even the Applewood smoked bacon that can be found on the Black & Blue; an Aioli burger promises to be the best one you’ve ever tried, no matter which of your favorite toppings are placed upon it!

So, Have We Given You Enough Time to Think About It?

We really do care to know what your favorite burger ingredient is. Stop by our restaurant or chase down one of our food trucks and let us know!


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  • Taco Tuesday! Our delicious system concept Modern Tortilla Food Truck and Catering has some of the yummiest flavor pairings. What's even better? It can be brought directly to your home or office for an event! 
Email Mary at marketing@aioliburger.com for availability and information!
  • Now presenting The After School Special! PB&J Burger loaded with flavor! We had a great day at Devour 2020, even though it was a rainy one! We will be back to represent Modern Tortilla tomorrow. Stop by to show us some love and enter our #giveaway!
  • What's the perfect addition to your cocktail hour? Some fresh bruschetta! Fig and Apple Bruschetta has some delicious flavors that will impress your guests!
P.C.: @rainaiscrazy
  • Check Chef Tommy on Arizona Daily Mix tomorrow from 8 - 9 am! He will be on making our California BEYOND Burger - Pepper Jack Cheese, Pickled Red Onions, Avocado, Sunny Side up Egg with Chipotle Aioli. 
Check out Channel 7 tomorrow between 8 am and 9 am! Learn how to make this and two other recipes from our sister concepts, Modern Tortilla and Oak Wood Fire Pizza!