Welcome The Arizona Fall Season With A Meal At Aioli

Ok, fellow desert rats, we are happy to announce that you only have to hang in there a little while longer. Even as the humidity is rising and the trees and cacti are falling in those monsoon storms before long we will awaken to a day that isn’t 100 degrees at dawn and the sun will be setting a little later allowing us to experience less of its intense heat! Autumn blessings multiply with each drop in temperature, giving all of the Valley something wonderful to look forward to!  The Arizona Fall season is coming (it is, we promise!) and we at Aioli Gourmet Burgers can’t think of a better way to welcome the new season than with one of our delicious meals!

It Takes a Little Longer

It’s true. While the calendar may be welcoming the first days of pumpkin season our actual temperatures are still in the stratosphere, but after monsoon mugginess and months of high 100-degree temps, we DO notice the difference. We stay outside a little longer, sleep in a little later, and actually begin to enjoy meals that have been prepared with fire and heat! Kick the summer salads to the curb and sink your teeth into the New Mexico burger, while the kick of the hatch chiles pays homage to the heat that still invades our worlds! Cold beer and a hot burger are still a combination that can’t be beaten, but maybe a red wine will help prepare you for this new season’s activities and events, including visits to the pumpkin festival at that beautiful farm in Dewey and fall rides through the trees (aren’t those leaves breathtaking?) on the chairlifts at Snowbowl! Raise a glass to the harvest moon, choose our roasted harvest vegetables over golden fries (healthier and somehow manages to taste like fall!) and plan a visit at the beginning of the month to discover what the burger and shake of the now will be. (Will the shake be pumpkin flavored? We are betting on the pumpkin, but that is a secret to be released another day!)

So Many Reasons

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the Arizona Fall season and an equal number of reasons you should welcome the season with your favorite burgers at Aioli! Stop by one of our restaurants today and enjoy the smile that comes with every bite!


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