Vote for Aioli in Best of the Valley 2021

When we think back to how it all began not that long ago, the success we have today is far greater than we dreamed it could be! Back then, it was about the burger and the single food truck in which it could be purchased. We did not know the idea would take off (but we sure hoped!) and we did not have an inkling that one day we would expand to brick and mortar locations all over the valley. Without you, our treasured guests who have become like a family to us, our dreams would have sizzled and disappeared like a single drop of water on the Arizona blacktop at the height of summer. And so, we thank you again. Because we love knowing how you feel about our burgers, we come to you again, this time to ask a favor: It’s that time of year again, when Arizona Foothills magazine opens up the voting for Best Burger, and we humbly appeal to you to cast your vote for Aioli!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Greatest Reward

To be honest, we are much more comfortable with giving. Every burger we create is filled with our best intentions and our desire to feed hungry mouths. But when we ask you to choose Aioli for Best Burger, it is simply to ensure that we are succeeding in our goal to make every Phoenician a very happy Aioli Gourmet Burgers afficionado; your satisfaction is actually our greatest reward, and the honor of winning Best Burger is just another way of proving that we have met our goals!

Easy to Do

It really is simple to cast your vote for Aioli in Arizona Foothills Magazine; simply visit their website, click on the best of Arizona link, and choose Vote Now 2021 in the drop-down menu. Next you will choose Best Burger in the search box, click on Aioli, and then follow the instructions for voting. It literally takes seconds and the reward of doing a good deed will bring a bright spot into your day. 2020 hasn’t had that many bright spots, so by doing us this little favor, you will be doing one for you as well!

Need a Reminder?

Of course, if it’s been more than a minute since you’ve visited Aioli, and a little reminder may be necessary! Visit one of our three brick and mortar locations or keep it old school and follow one of our trucks today for a delicious reminder that Aioli really DOES have the best burger in town!


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