Visit Aioli Gourmet Burgers and Try to Conquer the Triple Threat

Competition is the spice of life, and we at Aioli Gourmet Burgers believe that some tasty spices should be involved with all competition and so we came up with our Triple Threat Series! For $25 you have the opportunity to show off your competitive eating skills, walking away at the end of a contest with a tee shirt either way; one says, “I conquered the Triple Threat,” (If you win) and the other says, “The Triple Threat Conquered Me.” (If you lose!) Also offering the chance to have your photo placed on the wall of shame or the wall of fame, you can be a celebrity in your neighborhood when you participate in the Triple Threat Series!

The Rules Are Simple

Like all contests, there are rules, and the rules to this delicious race to the top are simple ones!

  1. Your burger can be any of the burgers on our menu, but it must be a minimum of 18 ounces, PLUS patty and bun, which means you are going to be devouring a three-patty burger!
  2. The burger is not the entire contest. To win this mighty battle, you also need to scarf down an order of fries, and an entire creamy and delicious milkshake!
  3. There is a time limit. You must clear your plate and drain your milkshake in 15 minutes or less! Less will get you added benefits, but we will get into that more later.
  4. This is a solo event. No help from the audience or your hungry teen.

But seriously, if you have a hungry teen in your family, this might be the perfect contest for him or her! Have you seen how they eat? This will be an easy win!

The Prizes Are Delightful!

If you succeed, you will earn the admiration of your peers in addition to the tee shirt and the photo on the wall, but if you really want to beat everyone out of the water, add an extra patty or complete the competition in less than 15 minutes and earn the title of Queen or King; you can even make everyone bow to you and call you “your majesty!” The best part of this delicious competition, however, is you still get a prize whether you win or lose. Stop by Aioli Gourmet Burgers today and prepare for battle!


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