Try These Underrated Menu Items At Aioli

When you visit a restaurant you frequent often, do you work your way through the menu, trying something new every time or do you find yourself ordering the same meal every time? Most people can’t help it, they find something they love and they stick with it, leaving many other meals feeling unappreciated and unloved. This summer, however, we at Aioli Gourmet Burgers want to help you venture out of your comfort zone, helping you explore a menu filled with tasty dishes that may even become your new favorite, you just need to give them a chance! This guide to our underrated menu items will bring you a greater appreciation of the new and maybe lead you on a path to adventure and excitement as you expand your horizons in every area of your life.

The Falafel Burger

Falling at the end of our menu, it is quite easy to perhaps overlook this delicious vegetarian burger, especially as most visitors to burger restaurants fall on the carnivore end of the dining spectrum! The Falafel, made with a house made falafel patty topped with pickled red onions, mango sauce, and black pepper aioli is a Mediterranean treat that will transport you into a new world of taste!


Our burgers are so hearty, our appetizer items are often left untouched, so why not make an appetizer date with your favorite companion and enjoy the local flavor of fresh elote. Anyone who has lived in the Valley of the Sun for longer than a minute has more than likely tasted their fair share, but if you haven’t tasted our version, you really have been missing something! Made with a corn cob cut in half, topped with paprika, lime cilantro aioli, and cotija cheese, this South of the Border tradition just may become your newest obsession!

Try the Beyond Burger

In the health conscious world we live in, red meat is often the first to go, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite burgers, just switch the protein for our Beyond Burger, and follow your doctor’s instruction while still enjoying the meaty taste of a burger! It’s hard to tell the difference between the Beyond Burger and our standard patty and any of the burgers on our menu can be made with the delicious vegetarian patty!

Treat Yourself

Make it a weekly tradition this summer to stop in any of our Aioli restaurants and try something new each time you do! We’ll save you a chair!


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