Top 5 Drinks at Aioli Burger Phoenix AZ

Top 5 Drinks at Aioli Burger Phoenix AZ

Pairing drinks with burgers is an art that’s as important as pairing wine with cheese. Choosing the perfect drink to accompany your burger will enhance the entire dining experience. Here are five drink options from Aioli Burger in Phoenix, AZ that could beautifully complement the flavors of our gourmet burgers.

AZ Lemonade Stand 32 Oz Mason Jar

This fresh choice, served in a rustic Mason jar, would pair deliciously with Aioli Burger’s spicier offerings like The New Mexico burger. The zesty lemonade would balance the heat from the Hatch chiles and green chili aioli. Each sip is a splash of refreshing citrus to cleanse the palate between each flavorful bite.

Premium Milkshakes

A thick, creamy milkshake is a classic companion to any burger. Pairing the best milkshakes in Phoenix with the namesake Aioli Burger will be irresistible. The richness of a chocolate lovers’ shake, or the brightness of a strawberry shake, will contrast the savory depth of the garlic aioli and the smokiness of the bacon, adding a sweet finish to each savory mouthful.


Choose one of two float options at Aioli Burger in Phoenix, AZ: the root bear float and the orange creamsicle. Imagine the effervescence of a root beer float mingling with the earthy flavors of the White Truffle burger. The sweet fizz would lift the richness of the roasted mushrooms and Swiss cheese, getting your palate ready for the next decadent bite.


A cold, crisp beer is a burger’s best friend. Pair the hoppy Aioli IPA on draft or choose from an assortment of canned and bottled domestic and imported beers. A crisp beer pairs well with the California or All-American Burger for a match made in heaven. The beer’s fizziness will cut through the richness of the meat, and its bitterness will complement the flavorful char on the patty.


For a more sophisticated pairing, a glass of wine with the Italiano burger could be divine. A medium-bodied red wine, with notes of berry and a hint of oak, would elevate the flavors of the fresh mozzarella, tomato, and the salty pancetta, harmonizing with the balsamic reduction.

Sip and Snack at Aioli Burger

The key to pairing is balance. Choose a drink to complement the flavors of the burger without overpowering them. Each of these drinks brings its own character to the table and can elevate your experience. Stop by Aioli Burger today to sample these drink and burger pairings today!

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