Throw the Perfect Memorial Day Party with Aioli’s Catering Services

Memorial Day is a time where we come together to honor those brave heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but it’s also when we spend time with our families and friends, celebrating the onset of summer. And because in Phoenix we all know that although the calendar may tell us we have another month to wait for the solstice to arrive, in reality, the heat hits in April! In any case, there is no reason you can’t do both; commemorate the occasion by attending any of the Memorial Day events in Phoenix (our favorite is the celebration at Wesley Bolin Plaza) and then driving back to the comfort of your home to an all-American meal of burgers and fries through Aioli Burger’s amazing Phoenix catering services!

Red Meat, White Buns, and Bleu Cheese

Our patriotism shows in the food we offer—juicy burgers made from Kobe beef, brioche buns, and of course, our signature golden fries cooked just the way you love! And while we guess you could grill your own burgers, may we remind you that the average Memorial Day temperatures run between 92 and 102 degrees? And may we further remind you that the grill is basically a device of fiery torture that may or may not singe your eyebrows when the lighter fluid hits the coals?

Personally, we don’t see the fun in cooking for your own party, especially when Aioli is 100% willing to do it all for you! Besides, you have sampled our restaurant creations and followed our food trucks around the neighborhood; isn’t it time you tried out our Phoenix catering services? We offer the same quality meals created from locally-sourced ingredients (including a vegetarian burger that will make the vegan in your life cry with joy!) and yes, you can still choose your bun, choose your meat, and of course choose your style of sandwich. The only difference is you can do all the above from the comfort of your patio table! Or recliner. Or (and who are we to judge?) you can choose to eat your White Truffle Swiss Burger while floating around in the pool in your backyard oasis! Is there any down side to this catering thing? Except for the fact that you didn’t think of it sooner, we can’t see anything that anyone would want to object to!

Happy Memorial Day to You and Yours With Our Phoenix Catering Services

It doesn’t matter how you choose to enjoy Aioli Burger—at the restaurant, at the food truck, or at home. We look forward to seeing you under any circumstances and want to wish you and yours a Happy Memorial Day!


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