The Super Bowl LVII Is Happening in Arizona – Have Aioli Cater Your Celebrations!

As if there isn’t enough to celebrate during the cooler months in our desert hometown, the arrival of the Super Bowl LVII takes our excitement to the next level! This will be the 4th time since 1996 that the Super Bowl has chosen Arizona to host the biggest game of the year, and as you might expect, practice makes perfect.

We already know that even if we can’t get tickets to the game, (Do ticket costs really start at nearly $5000?) we can spend the days leading up to it playing and exploring a million different events including the Super Bowl Experience, the Free Fan Fest at Margaret T. Hance Park, and the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest, just to name a few. But on the day of the game, many of us plan to be at home surrounded by friends, family, and delicious food watching the big game on our own big-screen televisions, and because you have probably been too busy enjoying a Taste of the NFL or celebrating at the FanDuel Party at Tempe Beach Park, you have chosen to have an All American Feast catered by Aioli!

Wait, you haven’t thought that far ahead yet? Well, Super Bowl Sunday is one of our busiest catering days, and with the big event happening here, we think you should probably order now before it’s too late!

Super Bowl LVII and Food

Even under normal circumstances, football and food has been the ultimate way to enjoy that wonderful winter Sunday, and this year that excitement will be taken to the next level! Perhaps you have family coming in from out of town, wanting to soak in the sports mania that is guaranteed to occur when something of this magnitude takes place. It is not just another football game, this is the SUPER BOWL, a game where legends are made and destroyed, and if your television is turned to something else, can you even consider yourself an American?

Of course, we jest, but you and most of America are destined to be perched on the edge of your sofas, screaming, crying, and bouncing up and down, and we think that the best accompaniment to a celebration of this magnitude is something off our catering menu! Spend the week before the game rubbing shoulders with celebrities at the Historic Old Town ESPN Tailgate party and when kick-off begins, dig in to an All-American feast offered by your favorite burger joint. See you during Super Bowl LVII!

Enjoy our Super Bowl party catering today!


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