The Most Popular Burger at Aioli Burger – Customer Favorite!

You’ve definitely got to try the Black-N-Bleu Burger – a favorite amongst our faithful foodies at Aioli Burger! This mouthwatering delight is well known for its scrumptious mix of flavors, textures, and high-quality ingredients, all coming together to deliver a flavor explosion in your mouth. It’s a customer favorite and one of the best burgers in Phoenix, AZ!

An Impeccable Ingredient Combo

Let’s start with the cheesy crowning glory of this burger, the bold and tantalizing blue cheese. This unique cheese selection lends a complex, rich, and creamy tang that joins in perfect harmony with the rest of the burger components. It’s this robust flavor profile that gives the Black-N-Bleu its individual character and exceptional flavor.

Underneath this layer of creamy decadence, the crunch and peppery freshness of arugula are waiting for you. This leafy green offers a refreshing respite from the richness of the blue cheese. Its vibrant green leaves bring a certain lightness and contrast to this gourmet burger.

Then comes the applewood smoked bacon, the soul of the Black-N-Bleu. The bacon imparts a smoky, sweet, and slightly salty flavor that harmonizes brilliantly with the blue cheese. This ingredient contributes to the umami flavor of one of Aioli’s most popular burgers.

The caramelized onions provide a delightful sweetness that beautifully offsets the tang of the blue cheese and the smokiness of the bacon. Cooking the onions slowly allows their mellow sweetness to shine through.

The Perfect Sauce Pairing

To round off this masterpiece is the Black Pepper Aioli – a clever twist that brings all the flavors together thanks to its creamy texture and spicy kick! This house-made aioli brings a depth of flavor that pushes the Black-N-Bleu into a league of its own.

Try It The Best Burger in Phoenix AZ

So, why do customers love the Black-N-Bleu Burger so much? It’s balance of flavors, the contrast of textures, and the attention to detail in every ingredient that creates a symphony on the palate. Come on down to Aioli Burger and get yours today! The Black-N-Bleu is waiting for you at three of our Aioli Gourmet Burgers locations:

At our cozy and welcoming restaurant on 32nd St & Shea, located at 10652 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028.

Or our store nestled in the heart of Litchfield Park at the vibrant and bustling location of Camelback & Litchfield Frys: 13730 W. Camelback Rd. Suite A, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340.

And at our contemporary and charming 7th & Bell establishment, found at 430 E Bell Rd #103, Phoenix, AZ 85022.

No matter where you choose to indulge in the Black-N-Bleu you are sure to love it too. Don’t wait! Come experience the best burgers in Phoenix, AZ, Black-N-Bleu at Aioli Burger soon!


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