The Best AZ Comfort Food at Aioli

Even as the summer months bring carefree adventures and poolside fun, there are still those moments when you will need something that brings you comfort. A hard week at work, a particularly crazy summer monsoon, or maybe just some news that brings you down—when those moments demand you take a little extra care of yourself, an AZ comfort food meal from Aioli Burger may bring you the relief you seek! Slip into your coolest comfy clothes, (It is desert in the summer, after all!) turn on your favorite movie, and sink your teeth into these favorite burgers that will feed your soul while filling the empty spaces in your stomach.

Let the Classic Bring You Joy

Comfort food is never fancy. It can be your grandmother’s macaroni and cheese dish or your cousin’s tuna salad recipe that she spent many hours perfecting. But at Aioli? It is our Classic Burger made with the protein of your choice and topped with sweet and juicy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tangy dill pickle chips that will pop in your mouth! (For vegetarians, the Beyond Burger will surprise you with its meaty taste, even as no animals are harmed in the process of its creation.) Our Thousand Island aioli is, of course, the perfect final touch, and as you dip your golden fries in the extra sauce while slurping down our rich and creamy chocolate shake, whatever your problem of the day may be will be soon forgotten!

Kids Need Comfort Too

It’s stressful being a kid, but our kids’ menu items, served with choice of fries or apple slices will help take their mind off their troubles! And because nothing says AZ comfort food like a grilled cheese sandwich, an item that just happens to take a prominent spot on Aioli’s kids’ menu, we can promise that although their problems may not be solved, for the few moments spent sharing their meal with you and the grilled cheese, it will seem as if they have been. Want to add a little extra dose of comfort? Our 32nd and Shea location provides a pet friendly patio with a bowser menu, allowing your most loyal of companions to help ease the pain!

Step into comfort with a visit to Aioli today!


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