The Aioli Burger Difference: What Makes Our Burgers Special

We know, we know. Every Arizona burger place claims that their burger is better than all the others, because of course they have to make that claim; they are trying to get you to eat their wares. But the Aioli Burger difference is proven every day, and as we have grown from our initial food truck offerings to standalone brick-and-mortar restaurants, you, our treasured guests have seen, felt, and tasted the difference, making us one of the top burgers in the Valley of the Sun. Today’s story, however, is geared towards the newcomers, the ones who may have just moved to the area and haven’t had the opportunity to taste the difference, providing a guide to all that makes our burgers special and enticing the ones who don’t know to come explore the Aioli Burger difference themselves!

It Started with a Shared Dream

As every new restaurant opens, there is a story that led the owners to that moment, that first day when their doors were opened, the meals were prepped and ready to be served to all the guests who they hoped would soon be walking in their doors. And in this respect, Aioli is no different. Two besties who knew they could provide a burger that was different than all they had tasted decided that 2013 would be the year that everything changed. They started, as many restaurants have started, with a food truck and a shared dream, hoping that in a cutthroat industry, their burgers would make the difference, and you know what? We may be biased—it is our burgers we are talking about, after all—but we think they were right, and we think you will agree when you fall in love at first bite!

Quality Ingredients

In a world that is increasingly becoming more artificial, you would think that we would leave the food alone, but no. As genetically modified foods make their ways to restaurants and homes, we are eating worse than ever. Aioli has changed all that, however, preparing our foods with ingredients that are locally sourced, using farm to table methods whenever possible, and ensuring that every burger we serve is not just thick and juicy, but healthy and delicious as well. Your first bite of any of our burgers will instantly show you the difference, offering a taste and flavor that stands alone and is only enhanced by the toppings and sauces. And because everyone enjoys their own eating styles, our chicken breasts are as juicy as our burgers, lowering the fat content in the meal you will fall in love with. And before you bring up our Beyond Burger patties as something artificial, the patties are made from a flavorful mixture of peas, mung beans, and rice, combined in such a way that it is hard to tell the difference from the real thing, and none of the ingredients used are genetically modified.

A Passion for Food

Perhaps the biggest difference between Aioli Burger and all the others is our passion for food. Our Chef Tommy doesn’t eat to live, he lives to eat, and his passion is evident in every bite. This passion is infectious, and every member of our staff is infused with a similar passion, a passion you may notice from the smiles on their faces as they greet you or the happiness they exude at work. Confucius, a very wise Chinese philosopher who lived during the Easter Zhou Dynasty, once said, “The man who loves his job never works a day in his life,” and our chef and staff will 100% agree. Our passion is food, and we are happiest when we are feeding hungry people. That’s not work; that is just the way we have fun!

The Reviews Are In

If you aren’t quite willing to take our word for it, how about taking the word of those who make us a regular part of their dining schedules? Earning five-star reviews is our goal, and the people have spoken, leaving us with stellar reviews that praise not just the taste of our burgers but the cleanliness of our restaurants, the friendliness of our staff, and even the freshness of every burger they have tasted. Additionally, they have honored us with two People’s Choice Awards and three New Times Best Burgers awards, and because we are overachievers, Chef Tommy actually won the Tacos & Tequila episode of Chopped in 2018!

The Difference Is Clear

We will never rest on our laurels and will always be on the hunt for better and tastier burgers, intent on our journey to continue providing perfection on a bun for hungry locals. Stop by one of our brick-and-mortar locations today and explore the flavors of the best Arizona burgers and you will see, or taste, the clear difference between Aioli Burger and all the other burger joints!


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