Take on the Triple Threat Challenge from Aioli

Americans on the whole are a competitive bunch. We want to win at everything, and that includes the age-old quest of eating the most. From all-you-can-eat hot dog contests at the state fair to the more modern version of being able to eat a gigantic meal in a certain amount of time, the food world has become as competitive as the sports world. And do you want to know something? We at Aioli want to join in the fun, so entering stage left we are offering our Triple Threat Challenge! And because there’s not much going on in the sports world right now, joining us at the dinner table is guaranteed to be more than worth the $25 “entry fee!”

The Triple Threat Series is an Easy Concept

Obviously, you will need to eat something in a designated amount of time, and of course there are prizes, but let’s get into the rules first. There are only four, starting with the burger you choose! Said burger must contain three patties and be a MINIMUM of 18 ounces before you add toppings and the bun. With that said, you can choose any of our specialty burgers, starting with the Aioli Burger and ending with the Burger of the Now. Pick your favorite flavors, your favorite toppings, and sauces, and if you are truly a competitive foodie, feel free to add another patty to the mix for an additional fee!

Of course, before you decide to add another patty, let us tell you a little more about this contest; you must finish any of our three-patty burgers, loaded fries (we’ll let you choose between golden or sweet potato) and a thick and sweet shake in 15 minutes or less. Yes, every crumb and every drop must be devoured in their entirety, and that brings us to rule number three. Participants are not permitted to leave the table during this test of calories versus stomach, so take care of whatever important business must be done before or after the timer starts counting down! And finally, the final rule—some would say most important rule: Your fans that are surrounding you and urging you on to glory MAY NOT HELP. This is a quest that must be done alone!

The Prize?

Because no contest is complete without a prize, any participant who completes the challenge in the allotted time will win an exclusive tee shirt that states proudly for the world to see: “I conquered the Aioli Gourmet Burgers Triple Threat Challenge!” In addition, the winner’s picture will be posted on the Hall of Fame along with their time to complete the challenge. To reign supreme, you must beat the time of the top three participants; right now, the 3 Patty Champ succeeded in 5 minutes and 35 seconds! Of course, if you lose, there are consequences; you too will win a red tee-shirt, but yours will say “The Aioli Gourmet Burger Triple Threat Challenge Conquered Me!” and your picture will be posted on the Wall of Shame!

Are You Game?

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