Support Local Restaurants With Carryout Orders

As the COVID-19 crisis develops around us, it may feel as if we are all on our own facing the pandemic with only the support of our families at home, but this is not the case. Believe it or not, people are smiling behind those masks, families are drawing closer to together as they find new ways to entertain themselves, and while restaurants, including yours truly, have closed their dining rooms, a simple phone call is all it takes to allow you to enjoy one of their delicious menu items at home! And because local businesses, the small mom and pop shops and local restaurants that don’t have franchises spread out all over the US, are the backbone of the economy, continuing to enjoy our services is the best way to ensure the rapid recovery after the crisis has ended.

Call Ahead for Your Aioli Treat

We’re so proud of our brick and mortar business and of our employees who are sacrificing so much to ensure the burgers you love will still be available when you need them. Obviously we and many other restaurants still open are working with skeleton crews, but we work hard to ensure every job is safe as our employees create the burgers, side dishes, and milkshakes that have made us popular since we began our first food truck all those years ago. And when the craving for our Burger of the NOW hits (this month it’s the Churasco Burger!) all you have to do is call (602) 971-5555 and place your order. We will construct your desired meal in a safe manner and have it bagged and waiting for your pick-up! Of course, your order doesn’t have to be the Burger of the NOW, it can be any of the burgers we offer, including our White Truffle Swiss or the Classic Aioli Burger, and just like always, we will build them the way you love!

Local Restaurants Owe Their Success to You

We and all the other small businesses who thrive in our desert home owe our successes to you, and as we navigate through these troubled times together, your patronage of the local restaurants and small businesses that make up the Phoenix Metropolitan Area will ensure we are still standing when normalcy returns. We thank you and wish you good health and safety. Remember: It only takes a phone call to enjoy the burgers you love—call us today!


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