Start The AZ New Year Off Right With A Meal At Aioli

The new year is a time for making resolutions. We promise to lose weight, work out more, stop procrastinating and save money. We start that first day of the next 12 months of our lives with such hope, such intensity, and inevitably, within a few days, a few weeks, sometimes a few months, we fail. There are a plethora of reasons why our good intentions never work out, but we at Aioli think that quite possibly they don’t work out because we forget the most important resolution at all, one that tells us to be kind to ourselves! This year instead of promising to walk 12000 steps a day, why not make the resolution to relax more, play harder, and treat yourself at least once a month? Starting your AZ new year off with your favorite meal at Aioli is destined to be the best way to fill the first blank page of the first day of 2023 and will be a resolution you will find so much easier to fulfill!

Happy Taste Buds, Happy Life

Made especially for our guests with fresh farm ingredients, the taste of an Aioli burger will start a party in your mouth and because it’s a resolution you made to be kinder to yourself, there will be no feelings of guilt over excess calories. Actually, there will be a feeling of pride that you started something this year that will be easy to finish. There are 9 burgers on our menu (feel free to substitute chicken or our Beyond Burger for the protein) so why not make a pact with yourself to try a new burger at each visit? The burger of the now changes every month, so the last 3 months of the year could be dedicated to change, or you could simply replay your favorites! There is no wrong way to start the new year off right when you begin with the delicious taste of an Aioli burger, giving your taste buds something to be really happy about!

Make it an Event

Being kind to yourself should be the number one resolution on everyone’s list and on Aioli day you can make it an event you look forward to every month. Spend the rest of your special day doing something you love and watch how easily all the other resolutions fall into place. In the meantime, we at Aioli Gourmet Burger want to wish you the Happiest of AZ New Year’s and remind you to start your new year off the right way with a visit to any of our restaurant locations!


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