Shake of the Now: Cashew on the New Year

We get so excited every time we have something new to offer you. From the big news to the smaller announcements, we can’t wait to get online and share! And yes, as we move further into the new year, it is once again time to announce the new Shake of the Now, and we have to say, we just might have outdone ourselves on this one!

Our Delicious New Creation 

No, we didn’t misspell anything, Cashew on the New Year is our clever name for the Shake of the Now! By this time, we suspect many of your resolutions you made at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve have been dropping like flies, and if you’re ready to drop the no sugar one or are just looking for your weekly cheat, we can promise the sweet and nutty deliciousness of this fantastic frozen dairy product will make your taste buds stand up and applaud! This creation is made with our rich and creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with an amazing cashew buttercream mousse, caramelized white chocolate milk crumb, and candied cashews. Now, if you are thinking that this already sounds like it tastes absolutely divine, you would be correct—but we did not stop there! We added in some light and airy meringue cookies, and of course, we topped it with the best-tasting whipped cream in the world.

This sweet surprise could truly be considered a masterpiece, and although you may not have realized before that all these flavors could blend together so nicely, you may find yourself wondering why you had not tried mixing them together yourself! And as we continue to come up with flavor combinations that should not work together but always end up surprising us, we are also the ones who will have to endure the big question. How are we ever going to top THIS Shake of the Now? But do not worry, because even after this month’s masterpiece our minds are always working and we are already imagining the NEXT flavor of the now!

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