Sedona Wedding Catering

Sedona Wedding Catering

Choosing to get married in Sedona, Arizona is one way to have a stunning backdrop for wedding photos! The red rocks, cacti and abundant sunshine are some of the natural elements in the stunning scenery of Sedona. Getting married in such a beautiful city requires some tasty gourmet food that everyone is sure to love. That’s where we come in! At Aioli Burger, we offer Sedona wedding catering services that will please your guests, and your wallet! Check out our selection of catering packages and the menus that come with them. We aim to please and are the perfect addition to all wedding receptions: traditional sit-down, buffet style, or even trendy! Let us help you take a load off of wedding planning! Choose Aioli Burger for delicious, memorable food that you and your guests are sure to talk about for years to come!

What Wedding Day Services Do We Offer?

Food is a pivotal part of your wedding celebration, and we believe it should be done right! At Aioli Burger, we give you the option of doing away with the typical wedding food. You have the chance of having our food truck, parked right on site, grilling everything up fresh to order for you and yours. Our extensive menu features a variety of appetizers, burger options, scrumptious sides, and handcrafted drinks. Imagine taking a bite out of our tasty burgers with all the toppings you love on your wedding day! We can cater receptions of all sizes: from small, intimate backyard gatherings of close family and friends to large venues with extended family from all over. We are here to help you focus on the importance of your special day and being with your loved ones, while not having to stress over food! On your wedding day, your belly should be full, and your heart should be happy. At Aioli Burger, we’re excited to make that happen for you!

Fancy Fresh Food Truck Catering

On the day of your wedding, all we need is a spot to park in and we’ll take it from there! Our food truck has its own power source, and we have everything we need to make sure you get top-tier wedding catering on your special day! Guests can have a selection of fresh, flavorful, grassfed burgers and a tasty selection of sides to go along with them!

We do offer substitutions for guests with food sensitivities or dietary restrictions who attend your wedding. If you’re gluten-free or vegan, don’t worry! There’s something to eat at Aioli Burger for everyone! Sensitive to bread? Substitute our brioche bun for a gluten-free bun or lettuce wrap. Vegan or vegetarian friends can opt for our Beyond meat patty or feast on our Falafel Burger.

Choose Drop-Off or Full-Service Catering

We specialize in food truck, drop off or full-service wedding catering in Sedona, AZ. If a food truck is a little too informal for your wedding, that’s okay! We offer formal, full service, buffet style catering where our team operates the stations and serves up deliciousness the way you desire. With drop-off catering, we whip up all the food for you, set up the catering in the location you tell us, provide the disposable plates and cutlery, and leave it with you. No fuss, no muss! Everyone is satisfied and cleanup is a breeze at the end of the night.

What Is the Aioli Burger Experience?

We’re all about seeing that smile creep across your face with that first bite you take! Our burgers are handcrafted, grass-fed and full of unique flavors. We offer a variety of burgers that are made for different tastes but are all created with love. We start with our signature Aioli Burger, which features applewood bacon jam and roasted garlic aioli; one taste of our garlic aioli and you’ll surely want it on everything! Then there’s our stylish White Truffle Swiss Burger with the amazing white truffle aioli. Expand your horizons and try something on your burger that you haven’t experienced before. We’re happy to make that happen for you.

Aioli Burger offers chicken for those who prefer poultry. We also understand the importance of getting in a dose of greens with each meal. That’s why we offer our signature salad with spring greens, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. After dinner we tend to look for something sweet after enjoying the savory. We’re happy to provide you with the perfect partner to wedding cake – a churro bar! Our golden fried, crunchy, pillows of dough are served up with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, dulce de leche and sprinkles!

Choose Your Sedona Wedding Catering with Aioli Burger!

We are so excited for you and want to ensure that you have a memorable wedding day with delicious food. Check out our Sedona wedding catering menu online and contact us today to reserve your wedding catering date with us. It’s our pleasure to serve you!

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