Tempe School Dine Outs at Aioli Burger

Tempe School Dine Outs at Aioli Burger

When you were back in elementary school you may remember that your school would promote quarterly events at local restaurants where proceeds would go directly to school funds. These events were great opportunities for catering for students and staff to bond outside of school and enjoy a tasty meal too. If you are looking for the perfect place to host your school’s dine out, look no further than Aioli Burger. Our restaurant location is the perfect place where you can have a school fundraiser while dining on some delicious burgers. Take a look at how our dine out service works at Aioli Burger:

Dine Out with Aioli Burger

School Dine Outs are the perfect opportunity to help your school raise money while enjoying some tasty food. At Aioli Burger, our team will work with you on selecting the perfect date and time for your School Dine Out to take place on. Your school will handle any promotion for the event helping to get the word out to your community. When the event arrives you and your guests will be able to enjoy a meal at Aioli Burger just like any other time. However, during your School Dine Out window a portion of the proceeds will go back directly to your school. The combination of delicious food and fundraising has never tasted so good!

Our Incredible Burgers

Picking a restaurant that features terrible food for your School Dine Out will make it a drag of an event. Luckily our restaurant features all of our tasty food truck burgers and then some. Make sure to order one of our tasty burgers during the event such as our classic Aioli Burger that comes with Applewood smoked bacon, aged sharp cheddar, and roasted garlic aioli. Each of our sauces is made in house and adds that little zing to each bite. There are plenty of appetizers, salads, and sides such as our sweet potato fries to add on to your meal. What you choose you will rest easy knowing it will be delicious and a portion of the proceeds goes back to the students.

Schedule Your School Dine Out Today

As you can see, School Dine Outs at Aioli Burger really takes things to the next level for a thrilling event that will help out your school. Call today to schedule your School Dine Out with our team and get ready for Aioli Burger!

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