Flagstaff School Dine Outs at Aioli Burger

Flagstaff School Dine Outs at Aioli Burger

Schools have been in session for months now all across Arizona, making sure that students get settled in for the year. Schools are always looking for new and exciting ways to help raise funds. Whether it is for a sports team or to help with student council, you can help raise funds for your school with a School Dine Out student catering. This option has you host an event with a local restaurant where some of the proceeds go back to the school. For the best School Dine Out possible you need to choose Aioli Burger to host your event. Our team will make your School Dine Out one you will never forget.

How It Works

When you choose Aioli Burger for your School Dine Out you will realize that you have made the perfect choice here in Flagstaff. Our team will be helping you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process. We will help you pick out the best date and time that works for your team. Make sure to promote your School Dine Out to help maximize attendance. Any guests who show up during your allotted time will have a portion of their meal’s proceeds given back to the school. You will be able to enjoy a wonderful meal full of delicious burgers and more while helping your school to raise funds.

Aioli Burger Menu

During your School Dine Out, you will still have access to our incredible menu found exclusively at Aioli Burger. This includes our various burgers that are always grilled to order and feature fresh toppings. Each of our sauces is also made by hand in house and adds the perfect taste to each bite. Try out the Aioli Burger for a classic burger experience with Applewood smoked bacon, fresh toppings, and roasted garlic aioli. Each of our burgers always taste better when you throw in a side or two. Try out our customer favorite sweet potato fries or get a side of onion rings. The menu is at your disposal for make sure to come hungry for your School Dine Out!

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There is nothing better than enjoying delicious food with people you care about. You can also help raise funds for your school with an exciting School Dine Out. Contact our team today and see how we can make your event the best it can be.

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