Ring In The Arizona New Year With A Meal At Aioli

In a blink of an eye, another year has passed and the world has begun to start making its plans for the last day of 2023. And whether the year was the best year for you and your family or the worst year, it is still important to finish it out on a high note, perhaps with a family dinner at your favorite burger spot. Because, yes, even though certain meals are considered lucky for the Arizona new year, we at Aioli think if your last meal of the year or your first lunch or dinner of the new year is your favorite food enjoyed with family, isn’t that the luckiest meal of all?

Time for you

As the holiday season draws to a close, parents all over the Valley of the Sun are looking and feeling more than a little frazzled. Too much shopping, too much cleaning, and too much worry over finding the perfect gifts for our families leads to too much fatigue, perhaps making a meal at Aioli the first thing you have done for yourself. We know that resolutions are being made to eat healthier and cook more, but you are also probably making a resolution to being kinder to yourself and Aioli, while we can’t help you work on your cooking more resolution, we can help you be kinder to yourself. If you are serious about eating healthier, we also offer the

option of switching your protein from beef to chicken.

No Sacrifices

Make your California burger a ridiculously tasty and healthy California chicken sandwich, reaping the benefits of the avocado and if you are worried about the extra fat and calories, skipping the pepper jack cheese. Substitute our golden fries with sweet potato fries or skip the fries altogether and choose a classic caprese salad as your side. Healthy eating can be delicious eating and Aioli knows all the secrets to both, making the transition to a cleaner lifestyle one that doesn’t need any sacrifices when it comes to flavor and taste.

Happy Arizona New Year from Our Families to Yours!

It’s guests like you that keep us going year after year and we want to thank you for making our burgers an integral part of your family dinners. We can’t wait to ring in the Arizona new year with you, perhaps starting 2024 off on the best of notes! Stop by on New Year’s Eve and whenever you need a break in the kitchen.


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