Premium Milkshakes at Aioli Burger

The classic burger experience would feel incomplete without the thick, creamy embrace of the best milkshake in Phoenix! At Aioli Burger, this nostalgic treat isn’t just a sidenote on the menu, but a shining star of flavors and indulgence! Our selection of premium milkshakes is made with love and are a delectable addition to any burger.

The Chocolate Lovers Shake and the Cannoli Shake stand out as well reviewed fan favorites at Aioli Burger. The chocolatey indulgence of the Chocolate Lovers Shake and the Italian essence of the Cannoli Shake have both captivated the hearts and taste buds of many! Here’s what makes these and other milkshakes so unique.

Chocolate Lovers Shake

This shake is an explosion of chocolate dreams. Chocoholics will love the velvety double chocolate ice cream, combined with Heath Bar Crunch and soft brownie pieces. The chocolate drizzle and fresh whipped cream top this creation, making it an indulgent favorite.

Cannoli Shake

A nod to Italian dessert excellence, this shake starts with smooth vanilla ice cream, and then, in an unexpected twist, a mini filled cannoli is introduced. Finished with fresh whipped cream, this shake is a delightful intersection of American shakes and Italian dessert.

Strawberry Shake

Sipping the Strawberry Shake is like biting into a basket of ripe summer strawberries. Fresh strawberry syrup dances with the luscious vanilla bean ice cream. Every sip is a burst of fruitiness balanced with creamy richness.

Double Malt Shake

A nostalgic nod to the classic malted milkshakes in Phoenix of yesteryear. Rich vanilla ice cream is blended with the unique flavor of malt and interspersed with crunchy malted milk balls.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake

Crushed Reese’s and chocolate ice cream marry perfectly in this shake. The creamy peanut butter ensures that every sip is a silky, smooth journey. This shake is the perfect equilibrium of nutty and chocolatey.

Vanilla Shake

Classic, pure, and timeless. Made with premium vanilla ice cream, it’s the go-to for purists who love the unadulterated pleasure of vanilla.

Enjoy the Best Milkshake in Phoenix

For those who’d love to delve into these creamy masterpieces, you can find them at Aioli’s prime locations:

  • 32nd St & Shea: 10652 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028
  • Camelback & Litchfield Frys: 13730 W. Camelback Rd. Suite A, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
  • 7th & Bell: 430 E Bell Rd #103, Phoenix, AZ 85022

So, whether you’re near the heart of Phoenix or cruising through Litchfield Park, there’s an Aioli location near you, ready to serve these customer-favorite milkshakes in Phoenix. Discover the milkshake magic for yourself and come and get yours today!


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