Our Burger Kits Are Great for Camping

As the scorching heat of summer finally dies away, this time of year is often the time most of us start planning camping trips with family and friends. The temperatures in the high country haven’t plummeted to their most frigid lows and the countryside is still verdant and lush, with the occasional shock of color appearing on trees and bushes eager to don their fall finest! The only thing that keeps us from camping more often, however, is pretty much the same issue we face every day of our lives, that age old question the family cook has come to dread. “Hey Mom (or Dad), what’s for dinner?” And because camping has the added stress of having to lug the food, condiments, side dishes, etcetera, we have a solution for you that will allow you to have your camping and eat your burgers too when you purchase one of our ready to put together Aioli Gourmet burger kits!

Calling All Explorers!

Enjoying the great outdoors is easy when you know that dinner is already planned, and our burger kits come with everything you need to feed your hungry campers! Go ahead and take the Lynx Creek Ruin Trailhead in Prescott and come back to your campsite for a taste of your classic Aioli Burger; the kits serve two or four and includes buns, meat, toppings, and of course, our classic aioli sauce. The scent of burgers cooked on open flame will waft through the air, causing mouths to water but knowing that it won’t be long until your family of explorers will be biting into their aioli burgers will keep the hangries away! Feeling the desire for something a little fancier while still wanting to keep to the burger kit trend? Our White Truffle Burger comes in a kit version as well, allowing you to mix and match as you please! And because we love feeding our hungry guests, we would love to see you enjoying them in the great outdoors; simply take a picture and post it to your social network site with the tag #CampingWithAioli! Nothing makes us happier than watching our burgers be devoured no matter where you are, but this way we can virtually join in the fun!


Stop by one of our Aioli Gourmet Burger spots today and become a part of this exciting hashtag trend today!


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