New on the Menu: The Kliff “Oops All” Kingsbury Shake

Our customers and guests consider Aioli Burger not just a place to get the best burgers in the state (although we like to think it IS that!), but an integral part of the community. We are your neighbor, your friend, and when good things happen in our state, we are the first to jump on board with congratulations and special treats to commemorate the occasion, which is where the Kliff “Oops All” Kingsbury Shake comes in to play! Welcoming the new coach of our hometown and home state favorite Arizona Cardinals is a good thing, especially when we do so with a tasty new Arizona milkshake! Created from all-natural vanilla bean ice cream, crushed Captain Crunch, and topped with whip cream, this sweet treat pleases the palate, and because we live in Arizona where the sun is always shining, it’s one that can be enjoyed in the middle of winter! We think this refreshing snack/beverage is the perfect way to welcome the Cardinals new coach, and if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s also the perfect way to entice you to visit Aioli Burger a few more times!

Swap Out Your Fries for Veggies With Your Arizona Milkshake

No, this isn’t an abrupt change of subject but a smooth segue into showing how much we care about your health! We realize that we may or may not have indulged in a few too many holiday cookies, and now it’s time to get back on track by exercising more and eating less—or at the very least eating healthier foods! If you find you share the same predilection for cookies as we do, we’re happy to tell you that we have made it even easier to make the right food choices when you eat at Aioli Burger by simply substituting lettuce for the buns on any of our burgers and swapping out fries for more veggies! We’re not barbarians—we would never suggest you give up eating burgers—but if you practice moderation and choose our delicious roasted farm vegetables tossed in a red pepper romesco sauce instead of the potatoes (that admittedly are delicious), it won’t be long until your tightest outfits fit once again! Stop in this weekend and test our theory; your taste buds will be happy you did!


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I loved the Rise & Shine Burger at @aioligourmetburger !! This joined the ranks of one of my favorite burgers in AZ! I love that they use Kobe beef, have great sauces and toppings and that my burger was cooked perfectly! Go check out this burger ASAP because it’s only available for a limited time!  Are you sharing this burger or keeping all the deliciousness to yourself?
  • Did you know May is #nationalburgermonth 🍔 come celebrate with us and bring a friend!
  • Two words: loaded fries 🤤 📷: @sheforksphx